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Addressing Resistance in one of the easiest ways possible!

Every once in a while an idea comes along which is so brilliant and yet seems so tough to implement because of the nature of its complexity. This is not that time. Behold! A new and improved way to address resistance, and it's SO easy to do.This involves simply recognizing the point of botheration/resistance/painful issue....Let me illustrate with an example. Imagine a table that becomes the place holder for every tidbit at home that doesn't have a place of its own. Pieces of paper, plastic…See More
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"Problems are Pointers to Personal Progress. Are you ready to take the clue?"
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Your Body speaks:

Is Your Back Hurting???.. Here is a hint... Your body is trying to communicate with you..If you are getting a backache in your upper thoracic area, probably you are feeling burdened with some thing or some one. If you are getting a backache in lower thoracic area, there is a possibility that you are feeling…See More
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Aura Photography Training, Ahmedabad at Hotel Legend Inn,

December 14, 2013 to December 15, 2013
This training is centered around:Usage of Aura SoftwareMind Reading through Minor Chakras at Ahmedabad 14th and 15th Dec 2013Details:Aura Photography training, AhmedabadSee More
Dec 1, 2013



How to Use Herbs, Roots, and Minerals in Magic Spells

How to Use Herbs, Roots, and Minerals in Magic Spells


Golden Seal root threads




Angelica Root a/k/a Archangel/Holy Ghost (protection)
Caraway Seed (protect from illness and harm)
Flax Seed (protection)


Confusing / Disrupting

Mustard Seed, Black (disrupt activities of unwanted associates and troublesome, meddling people)
Poppy Seeds (confusion)


Calamus Root chips (control a situation or dominate a person)
Cubeb Berries (control lover)
Five Finger Grass (obtain favors)
Licorice Root chips (obtain power over others and control them or change their mind)
Poppy Seeds (dominate and morally weaken enemies)
Rosemary (gives woman dominion in home)

COMMANDING (through leadership)
COMPELLING (cause another to fulfil a promise)
ESSENCE OF BEND-OVER (control, subjugate and degrade)
FOLLOW ME BOY (dominate, control, and hold a male lover)

Court / Law

Calendula Flowers (strong for court)
Cascara Sagrada Bark Chips (court)
Deer's Tongue (court [through eloquence])
Dill Seed (court)
Little John to Chew a/k/a Chewing John (court [chewed])
Oregano (keep law away)
Tobacco, black candle (court)

LAW KEEP AWAY (keep courts, police and lawyers away)

Crossing / Jinxing

Pepper, Black (cast evil onto someone)
Pepper, Red (make problems for someone, jinx)
Valerian Root (cast evil spells)

Rattlesnake / King Snake / Other Snake Powder

GOOFER DUST (cause unnatural illness (swollen legs, cough, blindness, loss of memory, wasting), drive away, break up, kill)

Drawing (general)



Drive Away / Keep Away / Break up

Eucalyptus (drive away pestiferous people)
Marjoram (drive away those who would harm your family)
Oregano (keep troublesome inlaws away)
Pepper, Black (move someone out of way)
Pepper, Red (drive away, break up)

CAST OFF EVIL (drive away evil companions)
GOOFER DUST (drive away, break up)
FOUR THIEVES VINEGAR (drive away, cause family quarrels and breakup)

Empowering / Strengthening Magic

Lemon Grass leaves (increase power of amulets)

Magnetic Sand (dress Lodestones)
Lodestone (charge Van Van Oil, Lodestone Oil, Fast Luck Oil, dress candles)

VAN VAN (dress mojo bags, rabbit foot, lodestone)
HOYT'S COLOGNE (feed mojo hands)


Cloves (sustain)

RECONCILIATION (ends sorrow and hostility that keep ex-lovers apart as friends)


Calendula Flowers (powerful lucky number dreams)
Chamomile Flowers
Comfrey Leaf (hold on to money or winnings)
Devil's Shoe Strings
Five Finger Grass (dexterity in hands)
Huckleberry Leaves (makes dreams come true; induce lucky number dreams)
Irish Moss (steady flow of $)
Nutmeg whole (gambler's luck)

Alligator Tooth (luck)
Alligator Foot (luck)
Badger Tooth (luck)
Bluestone (luck)
Lucky Hand Root a/k/a Salep or Saloop Root (esp. involving dexterity)
Rattlesnake Rattle (luck, esp in Poker for bluffing/bravado)
Silver Dime

BLACK CAT (luck)
FAST LUCK (fast games, instant, intense, may not last)
LUCKY HAND (luck, esp in games involving dexterity, prevent loss of anointed money))
MONEY DRAWING OIL (draw money)
HOYT'S COLOGNE (cards, craps, and policy)

Gossip / Slander

Cloves (gossip)
Devil's Shoe Strings (gossip)
Slippery Elm (slander, gossip, back-biting)

Healing / Physical Health and Safety / Anti-nightmare
(for healing of emotional wounds related to Love, see that section)

Althaea Leaves (healing/soothing)
Boneset (curative and preventative)
Caraway Seed (protect from illness and harm)
Fern (protect from burglars)
Feverfew (protect from accident)
Golden Seal root threads (health)
Thyme (good health, anti-nightmare)

BLESSING (healing)
FOUR THIEVES VINEGAR (protection from disease)

Home / Family

Althaea Leaves (attract benevolent spirits)
Basil (happy family prime)
Bloodroot chips (strengthens blood ties where respect is lacking)
Cloves (attract luck)
Cumin Seeds (keep away evil from home)
Hyssop (cleansing)
Marjoram (drive away those who would harm your family, protect home from jinxes)
Pennyroyal (keep peace in home, end family troubles)
Rosemry (gives woman dominion in home)

BLESSING (new home)
PEACEFUL HOME (puts end to strife and makes all family members contented and cooperative)
FOUR THIEVES VINEGAR (cause quarrels and breakup)

Love / Lust / Virility / "Nature" / Sensuality / Sex
(items specifically relating to Marriage per se are listed in that section, not here)

Cardamom Seed (induce lust, passion & love in non-mate)
Catnip (captivate and win heart of [existing] lover)
Cinnamon (love)
Clove (love)
Clover Flowers, Red (love)
Coriander Seeds (draw love, stimulate passion, keep lover faithful)
Cubeb Berries (control lover, increase sexual heat, meet new mate)
Cumin Seeds (keep lover faithful)
Damiana (draw new or straying lover, intensify passion)
Deer's Tongue (get a person to love or marry you [through eloquence])
Dill Leaf (for crossed or jinxed love, restoration of men's "nature")
Gentian Root chips (draw love)
Juniper Berries (increase male virility, female sensuality, attract physical love)
Lavender flowers (passion, romance, harmony, friendship, and cooperation with a lover)
Lemon Grass leaves (sexual good time)
Lovage Root slices (draw lover of opposite sex for romance and sexual passion)
Orris Root whole a/k/a Queen Elizabeth Root (attract men and their love)
Periwinkle (love, cause lover to cling to you)
Raspberry Leaves (prevent men from wandering)
Rosebuds (conjugal love, drawing love)
Rose Petals (good luck in love, removes love-jinxing)
Rosemary (insures fidelity)
Star Anise (returns a lost love)
Tonka Bean a/k/a Love Wishing Bean (make love wishes come true)
Violet Leaf (attract new lover, returns lost love, heal a broken heart)

Buckeye (male sexual luck)
Lodestone (draw mutual fidelity)
Raccoon Penis Bone
Black Cat bone (return lost lover)

COME TO ME (attract new lover)
FAST LUCK (love, instant, intense, may not last)
FOLLOW ME BOY (attract, dominate, control, and hold a known male lover)
JOHN THE CONQUEROR (enhance personal sexual power)
KISS ME NOW! (get sex quick)
LAVENDER LOVE DROPS (attract known or unknown homosexual lover)
LOVE ME (get a known person of the opposite sex to love you)
RECONCILIATION (ends sorrow and hostility that keep lovers apart)
HOYT'S COLOGNE (luck in love)


Bayberry Root chips
Cascara Sagrada Bark Chips
Cloves (attract to home)
Dragon's Blood Curio chunks
Irish Moss (continuous luck)
Mojo Bean a/k/a St. Joseph Wishing Bean
Nutmeg whole (gambler's luck)
Rose Petals (good luck in love)
Star Anise

Buckeye (male sexual luck)
Dragon's Blood curio
Rabbit's Foot

FAST LUCK (love, money, gambling, business, instant, intense, may not last)
UNCROSSING (end bad luck)
VAN VAN (change bad luck to good)

(many of the Love and Home / Family items may have use here, too, but only those specifically relating to marriage are listed here)

Clover Flowers, Red (prosperous marriage, conjugal felicity)
Cubeb Berries (meet new mate)
Magnolia Leaves (happiness, fidelity [by controlling man's "nature"], mutual sexual attraction)
Pennyroyal (help solve marital problems)

STAY WITH ME (keep mate from wandering, engaging in adultery, or going out on the road alone [inclusion of Rosemary suggests it is more effective at keeping husband at home than vice versa])


Alfalfa (avoid poverty, get loans)
Allspice (prosperity)
Bayberry Root chips
Clover Flowers, Red (prosperous marriage)
Comfrey Leaf (hold on to money or winnings)
Dragon's Blood Curio chunks (wealth)
Irish Moss (steady flow in business and gambling)
Sassafras (control and stretch money)
Thyme (make money grow and keep it)

Buckeye (increase pocket money)
Silver Dime


Power / Strength / Courage / Mastery (General, Personal, Male, Female)

Acacia Leaf (personal power)
Angelica Root a/k/a Archangel/Holy Ghost (female power & strength)
Black Cohosh Root (strengthens weak, timid, afraid, or shy)
Golden Seal root threads (strength)
Yarrow (courage in dangerous conditions)

CAST OFF EVIL (gives strength to rid oneself of bad habits, wicked influences, and evil companions)
COMMANDING (through leadership)
JOHN THE CONQUEROR (Increase personal power and mastery)

Protection (Blocking, Undoing, Evil Eye, Uncrossing)

Alkanet (break money or gambling jinxes)
Anise Seed (anti-evil eye)
Basil (anti-evil eye)
Bay Leaves (gen. protection, avoid jinxing, esp. when doing a job on someone else)
Black Cohosh Root
Boneset (removes evil conditions)
Caraway Seed
Chamomile Flowers (uncrossing)
Clover Flowers, White (evil influences)
Cumin Seeds (keep away evil from home)
Devil Pod a/k/a Bat Nut (strong protection from evil)
Devil's Shoe Strings (protection from crossing)
Dill Leaf (for crossed or jinxed love)
Dill Seed (irresistibility to one you desire)
Eucalyptus (cast off evil, repel enemies)
Fern (prevent jinxes, foil burglars)
Hyssop (end crossing, take off jinx)
Lemon Grass (protection)
Marjoram (drive away those who would harm your family, protect home from jinxes)
Mint (break spells and jinxes)
Mustard Seed, White (protection)
Pepper, Black (get rid of evil)
Periwinkle (anti-evil eye)
Rose Petals (removes love-jinxing)
Rosemary (protection)
Rue a/k/a Ruta or Ruda ([strong] break hexes or jinxes, anti-evil eye)
Sage (anti-evil eye, reverses spells)
Solomon's Seal Root chips (protection)
Star Anise (misfortunes)
Yarrow (breaks curses)

Bluestone (uncrossing)
Cat's Eye Shell (protection from evil, uncrossing, break jinx, anti-evil eye)
Salt (protection from evil, uncrossing, break jinx)
Silver Dime (avoid or cure Graveyard Dirt, Goofer Dust, Snake Dust, Hot Foot, Crossing)

FEAR NOT TO WALK OVER EVIL (protection from tricks)
FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION (all harm from enemies)
UNCROSSING (removed crossed conditions, break a jinx)
VAN VAN (clear away and keep away evil)
FOUR THIEVES VINEGAR (against magical attack)

Psychic (General, Remote Contact) / Prophecy / Dreams

Althaea Leaves (psychic visions)
Anise Seed (psychic visions)
Calendula Flowers (powerful lucky number dreams)
Celery Seed (enhance latent psychic abilities, induce prophetic dreams)
Flax Seed (psychic protection, visions)
Huckleberry Leaves (makes dreams come true; induce lucky number dreams)
Mugwort a/k/a Artemisia (psychic powers)
Poppy Flowers (psychic dreams and visions)
Star Anise (psychic visions)
Tobacco, black candle (contact people whose location is unknown)
Yarrow (psychic powers)

PSYCHIC VISION (enhance spiritual insight and induce prophetic dreams)


Clover Flowers, White (personal)
Eucalyptus (personal, after contact with evil)
Hyssop (cleanse from sin)


Special (Afterlife, Dexterity, Anchoring, Invisibility, prayer, spiritual devotion, miracle-working)

Acacia Leaf (afterlife)
Deer's Tongue (eloquence)
Five Finger Grass (dexterity in hands)
Mugwort a/k/a Artemisia (wash amulets and crystals)

Lucky Hand Root a/k/a Salep or Saloop Root (esp. involving dexterity)
Black Cat bone (invisibility)

7-11 HOLY TYPE OIL (prayer, spiritual devotion, miracle-working)

Spirits / Dark Arts / Pacts

Acacia (contact, memorialize dead)
Althaea Leaves (attract benevolent spirits)
Blackberry Leaf (exorcism of evil spirits & bounce evil back to attacker)
Devil Pod a/k/a Bat Nut (offering to dark forces)
Dragon's Blood Curio chunks (pacts)
Fern (exorcism of evil spirits)
Mullein (dark arts, raising spirits)
Valerian Root (raise demons, pacts)


Success (General, Business, Work)

Allspice (general & business)
Devil's Shoe Strings (get a job)
Gravel Root chips (get a job or raise or benefits)
Solomon's Seal Root chips

BLESSING (new venture)
CROWN OF SUCCESS (financial, school, career)
MONEY DRAWING (draw money to business)
STEADY WORK (gain and maintain regular employment)

Wisdom / Mental / Discernment / Decisions

Flax Seed (mental)
Golden Seal root threads (wisdom)
Mint (gain mental strength in times of difficulty)
Sage (wisdom, discernment, decision-making)
Solomon's Seal Root chips (wisdom, decisions)



Job's Tears (for 7-day spell)
Mojo Bean a/k/a St. Joseph Wishing Bean
Tonka Bean a/k/a Love Wishing Bean (make love wishes come true)

Dr Darius H Umrigar MD(AM)

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