What is behind anger ?
Is it good / bad / ok ? having anger and acting out of anger....
How to deal with it, overcome it ?
Is it possible that one can reach a state when no anger arises on anything ?
and is that state physiological / unnatural ?

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A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.
Fill (someone) with such a feeling; provoke anger in.
That is the dictionary meaning of anger.

Acting out of anger is never desirable because one isn't always in charge of ones responses, in a moment of anger. So rather than doing something one might regret, it's usually a good thing to deal with the anger first, gain clarity as to why anger is present and diffuse the anger.

There are several self help techniques that could be used to diffuse the anger like EET, Breathing, Soul's Temple technique. If you wanted to know more, please contact any of the team members who are on the chat line, and they will be happy to help you.

Thank you Sharon and Jyotika, Discussions like this always help... I feel a person goes through a sense of frustration and helplessness which finally results in anger... Not always the anger is demonstrated in desirable or undesirable manner... If it is expressed uncontrollably, it could harm relationships, people, career, etc. and if it suppressed, it could harm your body... Either ways it is detrimental... I feel all children should be equipped with effective methodology of anger management.... I leave this discussion open to other members...

Nothing in life is good or bad, it is situations. Anger is stored when we can fix a situation or speak about it. To much of that vibration in our body will change to be killing sickness unless we release it. Releasing it is not easy nor heard, it need a pure intension of freeing the self. God Knows but that what I leaned as being a healer.
Sorry mean can't fix.

Anger on it's own is neither good nor bad. It depends on the situation the person is experiencing and how the person expresses their anger. A person can experience anger when they feel that something wrong is happening or something bad is done to them. When a person gets angry, it can block their normal judgment if the anger gets excessive, and so if a person acts out in anger they may say or do things which are bad and which they may regret later on. Anger and resentment if not expressed for a long time and if bottled up in the body can lead to various diseases later on. When a person gets angry, the person should acknowledge the anger and see what is the best way for them to express the anger. When a person gets angry, taking a few deep breaths will help the person to get a hold over the emotions they are experiencing and understand the reason for the anger and then decide what is the best way to express their anger or let the emotion just diffuse by calming themselves down. EET is also a good way to release anger. Anger is also a protective mechanism. It is unlikely that a normal person will reach a state where they will never experience anger over any issue.

I think ....anger comes when one feels not in control of the situation at hand and then follows the frustration and inability to resolve the issue and hence the helplessness.
it happens more so if one insists on keeping on looking through one's own pair of coloured glasses rather than taking off or try to c from other person's pair of glasses or the perspective...so fumes flow because resistance causes friction and gives birth to RED HOT anger ....the burning coal which u intend throwing at another to hurt and eliminate ...and end everything in and around ...least realising DEAR that coal is burning you first this is the anger without focus
of course it is good to vent out these rages but make it directional with awareness ...I

just imagine a pressure cooker on heat not allowed to blow the wistle and let out the steam IT BURSTS and HURTS
yes when awareness comes of that one ness and when that observer mode comes when you c the world from a different perspective that transcendence of karta bhav is
when im ok when u r not ok ..becimes im ok only wen u r ok
oneness experiencing being different .
so id ego and super ego not in conflict state can be reached by ...self reflection
by breath control etc


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