Dear Friends,

I came across one person named Yoma Konan. She had a page on Healer's Ocean. She tracked my profile and commented that she may not be on this forum for long and wanted to know my personal ID etc. so that she can contact me directly.

She sent a mail there after to me with contents such as - she is in refugee camp, parents got killed before her own eyes, she inherrits about US $ 2.9 Mn., but refugee laws of Dakar Senegal (Africa) did not allow her to get that money, wanted my help as a foreign partner, so that she can transfer that money to me and then with me transferring some money for her travel to India etc. She also said that there was only the Reverend in the Camp who allowed her to use his PC and thus she is able to communicate with me, wanted me to call her on a No. given there in the mail.

I just replied then that I can help her if at all Laws of India permit me to do so, and I have to just explore that. However I can surely help her in healing her and just asked her to trust the Universe for the good.

Her next mail gave me the Bank name & Tel. No. and email of concerned officer from the Bank from London. The bank is truly there which I checked on Internet and also the nos. are of London.

Somehow, I was not comfortable the way she trusted me with transfer of $2.9 Mn. (to be received on her behalf) in just one mail reply of mine which was just empathetic. My husband Rajendra has been dealing with many cyber crime mails while he was heading Airtel Legal Dept. and was dealing with many law enforcement agencies for investigation purpose. He found such mails absolutely fishy and tried to investigate the info further. The outcome makes me inform about it to all of you at Healer's ocean and CHII.

Such mails are typically known as 419 scams. Most "419" scams using +44 70xx numbers involve emails that are sent from Nigeria and other West African countries, not from the UK! If you
see a +44 70xx number in a 419 scam email it usually means you're
dealing with criminals based in Nigeria.

For details about their Modus operandi, visit 

I know that we the healers are mostly soft at heart, we empathize and sympathize easily. Such criminals therefore can make an easy target out of us. That's why they try to penetrate sites like that of Healers Ocean. DO NOT FALL PREY TO SUCH MAILS HOWEVER PITIFUL THEY MAY BE !

I really Thank The Universe for alerting me right in time.

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Thank you Archanaji. In the last few years I received many such emails. The first time I received such an email I was amused. I just pressed the 'junk' button and add the email id to my list of blocked ids.


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