"Foreign Energies, Dark Forces, Black Magic and Magic Spells"


We often get inquiries from people who have unexplainable issues in life. Nothing seems to be working for them in spite of their best efforts and the talents they have. It is a natural tendency to doubt the interplay of mal-intent from others or the darker side of the metaphysical world. But does that really exist?

Let us understand what do they mean to us? 


Foreign Energies simply mean the energies which are not essentially ours.


Black Magic is an act of manipulation of others' life or thought process  with mal-intent of influencing their minds against their conscious will.

Magic spells could be one of such events where you experience an unpleasant influence of manipulative energies or thought forms.


Dark Force could also mean the ill-intended restrictive and manipulative influences, affecting your life.

All these terms do not make sense to any body who is thinking in a rational and logical fashion. However one does go through experiences which cannot be explained by logic and hence, we start wondering about the avenues and parameters which could be beyond our conscious mind and rational thinking.


Unfortunately, several people who claim to be helping you with these subtle and occult stories, tend to manipulate the ignorant ones further as it gets very easy to generate further fears and exploit individuals who are already feeling victimised by others.

Before you approach anyone for help, you need to have a clear understanding about these so called dark energies, dark forces, spirits, ghosts, magic spells, etc.

Please note that eventually everything is an energy and the most potent energy remains our thought forms. We are constantly immersed in an energy field which is common to many individuals. Inadvertently we are influenced by energies which are not necessarily an inherent part of our system.


Though it is at times comforting to blame foreign energies, dark forces, black magic, magic spell, etc.  for all our difficulties in life, the truth is beyond that.

It is not because of these problems that you are going through adverse experiences; but your soul level need for the experiences have invited these issues in your life.

We think that we are going through certain (adverse) experiences due to foreign energies, dark forces, black magic, magic spell, tantric, etc but the truth remains that it is the soul's need for the experience which attracts the foreign energies and similar experiences in our space.

If an individual has the need to feel exploited, it is not just the foreign energies but also several individuals who would make them feel exploited. At times these personalities feel exploited by a therapist, a healer and even by religion, society or God.

The same is true for the feeling of being stuck. If getting stuck could be the soul's desired experience, foreign energies would be one of the factors which could make you feel stuck.

Foreign energies are like germs in the air. Even if we remain in constant contact with them day in and day out, it is only when we feel susceptible to them, do we adversely get affected by them. Some of them at times could be of use and value to us. Many of them impart very profound karmic learnings and expedite rapid karmic experiences.

At the soul level, we learn through inspiration, desperation or through conspiracy.

We are constantly guided at a very subtle level by various signals from the inner and outer worlds. When we do not understand these signals with a pure inspirational attitude, we have to follow it out of sheer desperation.

Many of the individuals who feel victimised by evil intent and foul energy play from others and come with the complaint of black magic, tantric attack, foreign energy or dark energies, etc. when regressed to the past lives, tend to see themselves as black magicians, manipulating others and taking advantage of others in an unfair manner. That is why the forgiveness affirmation often helps them to a great extent.

Forgiveness Affirmation: "I forgive myself for taking unfair advantage of others in the past" or "I forgive myself for exploiting others in the past" when affirmed repeatedly for a period of 3 months relieves them of this perception, experience and beliefs of being energetically exploited or manipulated by others.

Foreign energies could be a part of the conspiracy attempts from the universe. They are there to drive you towards awareness, chosen life experiences and learnings. Rejecting them without awareness could be a colossal mistake and a disruption in the divine plan.

Your subconscious mind knows how these foreign energies are ultimately mirroring you or complementing you. Your subconscious mind also knows why you have invited this situation and what is it that you need to be doing about it. Take the help of online guides and find out which aspect of your personality is inviting these situations or elements in your life.

And finally you need to know that these energies are there with a beautiful gift for you in terms of life's learnings. Learn quickly all that you are here to learn and automatically these energies will feel redundant and would leave your space.

Remember, the only solution to the darkness is the 'light'. Fighting with the dark is an unproductive never ending endeavour. Let us make it simple. Look for the possibility of the 'spark in the dark'. Do you find it a bit cryptic? Please speak to our online guides with a prior appointment for further guidance on 'self-help'.

These energies are like a shadow cast by your attempt to look for the light.
Go back to the divine stage of being a child again where there are no layers masking the divinity in you. The day you shed those layers of beliefs, conditioning, restrictive feelings and programmings, you will be like a lighted transparent globe, radiating the light all around you in a shadow free manner.

Do not waste your time fighting trying to eliminate external darkness. You are the light being. Simply let your light illuminate the world around you.

Affirmation: I invite the divine forces to safeguard me and my loved ones.

I operate from the light within.

How to address this situation with Soul's Temple?

Do you know, it is not the spirit, it is not the dark force or dark energy, it is not the black magic or a magic spell or a tantrik which is your problem.

Your problem is your need for the experience and your response to the situation.

Trying to fight with the situation will only energize the problem because whatever you resist, tends to persist.

Simply acknowledge and understand how you feel. 

e.g. If you are feeling helpless, 

Please affirm: My feeling of being helpless is my Soul's Temple

My Need to feel helpless is my Soul's Temple

My Resistance to feel helpless is my Soul's Temple

You could also address this situation very effectively and effortlessly with Mood Managers Self Help Technique.

Working with these energies is like plucking one decayed apple at a time. There is a thought process in you, there is a need for certain experiences and learning through those experiences which will periodically attract similar situations if the core level issues are not addressed now.

Recommended Audio Meditation: Aura Detox Meditation once in a day for 21 days or as guided by online guides.

Soul's Temple Healing Technique: Learn it online.

We recommend Systematic Personal Growth Plan to be able to enhance your intuitive powers and see the situation in a better light. Because the online remedy to the 'Dark' is the source of 'Light'

Soul's Temple Affirmations: Write/Repeat them 7 times for 21 days to 3 months

If you feel you are subjected to ***** (voodoo, magic spell, black magic, dark force etc... )

This (*****) is my Soul's Temple

My Need to go through (*****) is my Soul's Temple

My Resistance to let go of the effect of (*****) is my Soul's Temple


If you feel that ***** (a person in your life) is doing some black magic on you or on people around you, 

Please affirm:

***** is my Soul's Temple

My Need for ***** is my Soul's Temple

My Resistance to let go of ***** is my Soul's Temple

If you are perceiving ***** (A spirit, entity, ghost, dark energy, etc.)

***** is my Soul's Temple

My Need for ***** is my Soul's Temple

My Resistance to let go of ***** is my Soul's Temple



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