Healing is a soul bathing experience and each one of us has the birth right to be healed systematically, effectively and consistently. There is an abundance of healing flow in the universe; helping each one of us to heal effectively and constantly. We simply need to get in touch and remain in touch with this healing force. One does not have to be an expert healer to do so. Merely an intent, a loving smile, a warm hug, or compassionate care is enough for a bereaved soul to restart its healing sojourn.

Healing comes from the word Hale - Whole - something that makes you feel whole and complete or that which takes you towards an experience of getting in touch with that which is whole and complete. However, it is quite likely that we may think of killing germs, silencing painful signals, controlling chemical imbalance, manipulating relationships, finances, etc. in the guise of healing. For most people in the world, the word healing is synonymous with fixing. But it is anything but an attempt to fix.

Though interestingly fixing a problem could be an added advantage and a bonus, as the shower of healing energies washes out several inconsistencies and restores harmony in our space. Trust, we all have inherent and enormous healing potential within. It is only under extremely stressful situations that we fail to avail of the divine grace. Most surgeons agree that post operative complications are proportionate to the level of stress and emotional distress in the patient. And as they start relaxing, the healing process gets enhanced. In order to let the healing energies work for us, we need to allow relaxation and quiet times. That is why meditation, breath work and relaxation techniques work like magic in seemingly difficult cases.

A good healer remains a neutral channel; channelizing the divine flow of healing energies to those who are open to receive. They do not sit in judgement or insist on results because the results depend upon several variables. It is wonderful to remain this beautiful neutral channel, as there is always a possibility of remaining in constant contact with healing energies.

A great healer is the one who inspires others to get in touch with the inherent enormous healing potential within every individual. They remain merely a catalyst to aid a natural healing process.

Each one of us is a born healer. As a child you healed others by your smile, joy and touch, right? Get in touch with the ever inspiring love that is embedded within. Let go the layers of filters you have accumulated to mask the beauty within. You have bagged enough from the outer world, you have waited enough for others to do something for you. All solutions, answers, inspirations, clues and remedies are there within you. Turn inwards, it is easy. It is amazing, it is the most effective and practical solution. Each one who cares to heal, is helping to heal humanity.

As your universe is your projection as well as your extension, heal yourself to see, perceive and experience a significant shift in the inner and outer world.

It is easy. It is effortless. Simply align yourself to the healing frequencies and your life can be on song……

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AND, if I may add, with each healing of someone else you are healing yourself as well.. :-) martin

I totally agree with your Martin. 

Martin said:

AND, if I may add, with each healing of someone else you are healing yourself as well.. :-) martin


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