Hey all, Could you just share some of your experiences and associations with music? What kind of songs/music has a soothing effect on you and/or the people you know? Anything that triggers you off emotionally in a good positive way? It can be  motivational, peaceful, happy song or just a simple melodious song.

Please do discuss what appeals to you the most in the songs you like, whether it's the lyrics or the music:)

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Honestly Vani, you have taken one of my favorite topic, If I start writing about the songs I have heard, their impact on me, I can write a whole book with each song being one chapter and the pages of the book wouldn't get over at all, hahaha

I always write and say too that " Songs and Music is my first and never ending love of life, my love which never changed"

I tell my children, if someday I fall sick or am about to die also, in any hospital, just play my playlist and I shall be fine :) or may be die peacefully :)

No category in specific still more of Hindi Movie songs and devotional music Sanskrit or Hindi appeal the most to me, I connect with God when I hear them, I connect with Love when i hear them, I connect with my inner most being, when I hear music. Anyday if it has passed off really bad, i can just put my ear phone on and listen to my playlist all night. I used to study with songs on, I have watched many concerts of Singers and Musicians thinking that someday i can see my children becoming Singers and see them on stage, though they didn't make that choice and I am in allowance. I chose my husband only for the fact that he sings well, hahaha, he was not very good looking, not earning well at all, and not of the type of guys I would have loved too, still I married him, coz he sang well, and he still does, and I tell him, this one thing can make me love you till I live, when you sing, i forget the other things :) even today.

There was a time when I would sing all day long, loud and carefree, then I started singing lullaby's to my children, nowadays, I sing devotional songs every evening, while I light the lamp in my pooja, and I record my own songs too. Attended one Healing program called Dance on trance, I loved that workshop like madness and it healed me better than all therapies I had learned till then.

So you see, I can just go on and on and on.... Saying I am crazy about music would be a small way to express, I live Music, I sleep with music, I heal with music, Music saves my Soul from leaving me away in anger/frustration/sadness and it energizes me like none can do :)

Sharing a poem of mine here, which I wrote long back 

A song on my mind, a memory unfolds,

a dream I had seen, close to my heart, I hold

Slowly I move towards it, step by step, day by day,

I know, I'll get to see it, happening, exactly my way,

"If you can See it, you can be it" - they say

I trust and believe and I have seen that....

All our dreams do come true someday :)

- Bandana.

( today I changed one line, earlier it was - I am waiting, for I believe that all our dreams do come true someday)

So beautiful Bandana. Coming from a musical family myself, I know that music definitely has that power, so true. Which is why I thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss here. Thank u so much. Dreams do come true, someday  :)

You know Vani, Interestingly the word universe means same song... We are frequencies, we are vibrations, we are right now different frequencies and hence resonate with different frequencies... Time will come when we all will start resonating with one frequency and that is when we all will feel one... Waiting for that day... I know I have not answered your question the way you expected me to but these are the thoughts that comes to my mind.

Aatmn, Thank u so much for contributing to this discussion. I was asking sub questions and u ended up answering the main question :D so that's more than what I asked for..


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