Hi everyone, when we hear the word messages, what do we think ? WhatsApp messages of course...  ;) , of FB messenger ...normal phone messages etc right ? ...But the interesting thing is that we receive messages from everything on this wonderful Universe like numbers, nature, birds, animals, butterflies , dragonflies etc. May sometimes seems crazy isn't it ? But actually if we become sensitive, clairvoyant, clairaudiant, we can decipher any type of messages we are getting from all the above.... but can we also get messages even from a tiny thing as mosquito ? Interestingly, there are mosquitoes in my work place, but I haven't been bitten by them ( unless of course I have the need ). At home also I keep the doors open & everyone goes gaga about opening the doors, I am fine opening them. Well, two days ago a strange thing happened with me. I had a client calling & asking for help with a certain issue. As I was thinking that it could be an issue about certain thing, a mosquito came zooming & first sat on my cheek, then on my nose & kept zooming around me...I just felt that it is trying to tell me something. The moment I felt this, the next thing that came to my mind is to seek help & I dialed the number of my friend & colleague Dr. Aatmn Parmar, not knowing ( slightly doubting also, )  whether she was free to take my call at that time. Two rings and my call was answered. The insights she gave me, were exactly the thing that was happening with my client. god Zillion Thanks to her & thanks to the mosquito, without whose help I might have dealt with client in a different way....It also helped me again to shut my logical mind and see & hear things beyond....It certainly pays off to keep our antennas open.....

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I have a friend who is very open to me following my intuition when i am with them.  Most of the times we do things together, we both use our intuition and it leads us to some great adventures where we meet people and discover treasures... It is amazing when we keep our, as you said, 'antenna' open.

Absolutely Tracy....n Thnx for sharing your experience


Thank you for mentioning this. I almost always rely on these subtle hints and I am glad I do that. 


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