It is said that there is always a reason for everything that happens in our lives.  It is the deeds that we do in our current and past lives. There have been many seekers and many gurus who have explained the truth of existence and the cause and effect of things that happen. Most commonly the purpose of existence is to eradicate pain and suffering from this world from the lives of one and many. It is also said that we have answers to everything within us, and also the cure to the pain and suffering also lies within us.

So then life should be simple. But is it?

Are there any past lives in reality or just a facet of our imagination.

Are there different purposes for different people. where do they come from

why is it that every thing is so complicated or it is we who make it complicated.

are the evils there just to balance the good forces

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Namaste Mr.giriraj mohta, I don't think I would be able to answer but I can share my perspective of life that I have learnt till now from life. What I believe is whatever kind of pain is a gift for us from god but its wrapper is so bad that we think that pain is vulnerable, cuz pain n suffering are those things in our life that gives us opportunity to grow or move ahead on our path. As pain it self says Pay Attention Inwards Now..and yes I have experienced that many pains have just gone away by just observing or recognizing why it has come..every pain comes to tell us something so that we can take a lesson and it opens a new door for us. And as for is there any past lives or not is again a debatable question.. I beleive that both are correct..its upon our belief as in some religions they don't beleive in rebirth but then to they suffer , death according to me is just a transformation and changing our form. We all come with some or other soul plan and life moves according to that.. Some call it karma also.. There were many n profound questions you have asked but again I would say there is always a quest inside all of us and that leads us through our life path towards our life purpose. And we need a lot of practice to observe pain in neutral way till then we suffer or cry or blame god or parents about our sadness. I have got majority of my clarities from mentors of Soul temple and now practicing it . So pain for me is a gift and it helps me grow everytime. :) and the source where all these comes is way beyond our imagination we r just a particle of sand in whole ocean so how can we define ocean. Just to make it simple we have name it GOD :) !!! I don't know if my sharing is helpfull to you or not kindly let me know.. And Aatman please correct me if any of my belief is misleading!!! Thank you !!!!
Life is indeed simple if we take the responsibility of our life, that my life is the result of my actions(inaction is also an action). Therefore life is Cause and Effect to a large extent. What is in my hands is to take action for whatever is happening in my life right now, which scriptures term as 'Purusharth'. Law of Karma is different from Law of Destiny. Law of Destiny is that , whatever is happening is my life is because of what I did in the past. Law of Karma goes beyond that. It says yes your present is the effect of your past, your Action in the Now will change your future. Therefore Purusharth. Purusharth alone is. So the purpose of each soul at an individual level is to 'Eradicate poverty and suffering of the Self by right action' . As one starts the journey and experiences the Happiness within, now help others to attain the same. Empower each one to enrich the self and that is how we eradicate so called pain and suffering from this Earth.
In my experience and understanding if we can empower ourselves and help our fellow beings do the same by using the tools available to us like Soul's Temple, which is the simplest.
Hope this answers some part of your question.
Aatmn please comment and correct me wherever needed
My reply might be shocking or doesn't match lots of believe system but I just got it from one of the dreams that I travel in it.

I saw levels and levels in the outer space (and for my limited wisdom, I understood that these are layers of consciousness.)
I ask the creator or universe to forgive my egnorance and simplify things. Then I start seeing like big keys, for me ever key looks like half my length.

I wanted to know what does they mean with it. So I saw people praying, foegiving, accepting, helping, meditation (but all these acts looked like one drop (it wasn't about quantity, but quality). When everyone contribute from the heart this key opens. And they move to another layer or level.

Sometime there was more than one key to one level and sometime less, depend on everyone of us (closed system or heart).

There was so many contribution to help everyone of us to reach that total opening phase for one key. Put seems like the biggest factor was the intension.

That dream is not easy to be explained as I did in here but that is closest as human that can explain.

In conclusion, I understood that purestest you are from emotional hurts and the more you have a clear loving intention, the easiest to open a key after a key.

I asked what is the best thing I can start doing so I go faster, and the reply was for the now (to work in groups with one intension and with pure love and compassion attitude). I said isn't that ones, and got the reply that this is the first step on the leveles of oneness.

I didn't see anything else, didn't see past life, didn't see future. I guess that seem was shocking enough so that is why it was simple and easy to see the picture again and again in my head.

Here is what I understand...


Let me start with an example:

Music / songs are the result of sound waves (energy) falling upon air (energy) to restructure the form of air energy. The quality of sound, the sweetness etc. etc. depends on the quality of sound waves.


In the same way, we are all energy beings and our life (music / song) is formed as a result of our thoughts > word > deeds; all are energy (sound waves) vibrating at different frequency. The quality of our music of life will depend on the quality of sound waves.


Now just the way when you play soothing music, not just you, but also the people around who hear the music feel good and vice-versa with loud, hard music, it may not work that well with all. However, people who like hard music would enjoy the same.

Similarly, every being plays their own music of life and the result also impacts others around.


Similarly, when this sound energy is superimposed upon a magnetic medium / optical medium (again an energy form), the structure of the magnetic medium changes to be able to play back the sound energy.

So in life, the music we create also embeds itself upon our energy form to be played back when required

Life, really is our journey till we merger with the Source / Creator / Supreme Light / God (whatever you choose to call IT). Death is about changing clothes

Take the example of a gramophone record - there is a pause between each track (death if we want to do an analogy with life), till the pin (a soul) reaches the centre (unites with the ONE)

 - This hopefully gives you a pointer towards your question on past life - and it is these recorded bits of information that also trigger up / make us react / respond in ways we do in our current life.


Is life simple or is it complicated?

It really depends on how you choose to look at it. As we have learnt even in ST, accepting what is, understanding why and moving on makes life simple.

If we can be willing to recognise that everything we are experiencing, presumed good or the presumed bad, is what we have called upon, we can then be more at peace with the situation / events. This makes the situation / event more easier to handle and we are at peace - that state of beingness also make life seem far less complicated.


Our inherent nature of wanting to do things our way, allowing the play of EGO / MAYA, results in our vision being blurred and when the vision is blurred, as you would also agree, you really cannot see well and would end up knocking around on the path you walk, fall and get bruised or maybe even loose the path - But the fault is not in the path, it is our choice of not wanting to clear the vision.


Are there different purpose for different people?

As has been mentioned through the ages by the sages, all of creation, irrespective of where they are on the plane of evolution, have one goal - to re-unite with the ONE, the Supreme Light. However, the path to getting there will be different.

So to give an example, many people want to visit the kumbh mela, the location of the kumbh mela is fixed, but people from around the globe travel using different means, best suited to them to reach the destination and so it is in our quest to reach the ONE.


Is evil there just to balance out the good forces?

So you would have heard, the absence of light is darkness, does that really make darkness evil? Here again, it is an individual's view - for the person who steals to feed his family, may see it as an act, not necessarily wrong - but for the person who lost something to the thief, feels it is wrong / evil act - so would all of us in the society that we are in - consider the act as wrong.

The absence of the ability to provide for the family using alternate, right means, make the thief who he is. But deep within, the person is not evil.


We also hear people taking of evil forces, evil spirits etc. etc. These to my understanding are souls still caught up in the EGO / MAYA mania and are unable to let go - being thus stuck, they try to achieve their material goals through energy beings that are present in the physical form. But again, these souls are not really evil, its just that they need help to move to the source of light - ofcourse to use the help available is purely on the individual soul.


A child may misbehave because he / she did not get the right guidance for whatever reason, but when given, it is the child's choice to correct the behaviour.


What we also see as evil very often is our own creation - today we are faced with an almost drought situation - who has caused it and why? Are we not experiencing the fruits of our play with Mr. EGO and Ms. MAYA?

I my opinion, what we perceive as evil, is only a soul with blinds on - Yes, prayers, meditation can help these souls move closer to the Light.


As Sri Paramhansa Yogananda has said, "a saint is a sinner who never gave up"

Jai Guru

Dear Giriraj ji,

I am here just to share you one testimonials to you.There are many questions and answers about life by different Gurus and spiritual teachers and healers,if we follow all of them then we don't have the time to rediscover our self by wasting our time in others questions.

Life is simple and each one of us is unique in this world,so live a life fully don't get confused with others problems and unwanted questions,which is not useful for ones life.

If required take the help of SOULs TEMPLE.

There are many things in this world, which you will not get any answers and of course there are many things which you have to experiment self  rather than searching answers.

For example: God is there but nobody can show you where he is. For that you have to experience by yourself, same as air,soul,and everything.

If you are curious please experience yourself, that is the best answer which satisfied your questions.



This is a space for healers, seekers, metaphysical explorers. Let's learn and share, to make a positive shift for ourselves and others.


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