Impact of collective consciousness can be seen & felt all over the world now.People are turning inwards to find the answers,somewhere knowing that what they are looking for is not outside but within..The thing is we all are diamonds …….but may be at times uncut diamonds ……. To shine we need to be ready to get rubbed, scraped and polished…n it can be painful...No,not the rubbing but our reaction to the rubbing or our resistance to change our shape which we are used to for so many years / lives..Only after we are shaped, we will be able adorn into different ornamens. It may be a crown,a ring,a bangle Or a necklace...We need to Realign ourselves so that our light within can be shone brighter, sparkling & illuminating..It will also help us to Recognise our inner beauty. Radikall R5 statements & Radikall Soul Bath are the tools which help us to get the required shape with utmost Care n Love...

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Awesome Mamata, 
Let the inner radiance be visible to the world so that the world does not have to rub you to bring out the surface lustre...

You have it in you. 
We all have it in us.

Rise and Shine.

Yes Aatmn, I am now ready to shine humbly, easily & effortlessly...n I admit, I shine Humbly,under the Loving Care of Radikall Consciousness


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