Our day usually begins with a glance at the mirror as we brush our teeth in the morning...What does the mirror shows us? Our physical features?,The beautiful expressive/inexpressive eyes? The colour of our skin, white, wheatish, black? The lines on our face? The scar on our body? Yes..the physical mirror can show all the physical features of our body? But what about the inner beauty / strength/weakness/scars/fears, which cann't be visible to our bare eyes?...Which mirror can show this? Well, the Universe has a Fantastic way of showing all these hidden ones through the situations/people/experiences that make us wonder why this is happening to us...Yes, many people/situations/experiences are the perfect mirror of what's going on within us..Thank those people/situations/experiences for playing the role of a mirror to us, so that we can address, what is inhibiting us from reaching our Highest potential for the Best of All...You can address it by using Radikall statements like " I Admit .....(fill in the gap) under the Loving Care of Radikall Consciousness" & see the magic unfold

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So true. Thank you Mamta.
Lots of love.

Much Love n Gratitude Aatmn


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