What are you think the the most obvious signs that you need a healer ?

When I was just only 12 years old , I already very clearly observed the world around us and how severe and cruel it is. That age was the first period I realised that there almost is no even one person who deserves to be called as ‘really healthy’. That time I have noticed that everyone around me and also anywhere did not diserve to be called healthy, and also did not deserve to be called happy at all. That small age I saw that every body is sick in some way and everybody was suffering in his own way. I was very curious all the time and I always wanted to know why the things around us are happening this way. I wanted everybody to be happy and healthy. And now when I have finally obtained the true knowledge and ability to heal, I know that that 12-year-old age I was right. Now in this article I’d like to discuss the situations and signs when people already need to try their best to quickly find a good healer. As I said before, everybody now is sick , but sometimes sickness can achieve the level when it is trully necessary to find healer to solve , and here I will give you the list of those obvious and urgent symptoms:

You have heard from the expert that you have got uncurable disease OR someone from your family members had it. The list of uncurable diseases you can see here. As the examples of famous uncurable diseases I can name here such diseases (which I mostly can handle ) such as cancer , including any of his type, HIV, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia ect. In these situatuon I suggest to try to find a reputable healer to help. But as a healer , I suggest that even if you have got the nasty form of uncurable disease and at the same time you have met a good healer, you should heal the sickness both with the expert in the traditional disease, and with a reputable healer.
You are easy to get angry , agressive, mad, easy to fight with other people. Your mood and emotions are too hard to be controlled . In this situation healer is also required, and better if you have discovered with you or woth your close people, I suggest you to find healer AND reputable psycholohist BEFORE some bad situation has happened in your life. Mostly people tend to underestimate how scary this situation and behaviour can be and how it can influence the life and the future. And also as an experienced and adapt parapsychologist I can tell you that usually things happen this way: for example, somebody was very agressive and easy to fight with people, and surroungding people did not consider this behaviour to be extraordinary or abnormal ( why ? because this type of behaviour in the modern world seems to be exceedingly common , somewhere it is even vernacular, usual and even normal, so everybody has already got used and accustomed to it , but as an expert in my area I can tell you that IT IS TOTALLY ABNORMAL, even unhealthy, unnatural and abberant , deviating from the normal type, and it MUST be corrected anyhow ), and as a result of that considering of being ‘normal’ this person in one kind of case one day can suffer , how he can suffer it is up to the totally individual situation :
he can be beaten, vexed, tormented, annoyed, scrambled, berated, abused, scolded, oppressed, mashed, tortured or humiliated by other people in other similar way. The point is people arount are rarely tolerate and they usually do not realise that if the person behave aggressive, that actually means that he barely asks for help and attention from the deep inside. But in many places mostly people do not realise it , and they do not behave sympathetis to the aggressive people and usually can treat them aggressive back and even humiliate. So the question is if you are really easy to be aggressive, fightful or belligerent , so why should you actually wait for being humiliated? Why don’t you try to stop it ? You should realise , that being fightful it is nerve-racking, time-consuming and wasting resourses totally unprofitable behaviour. Please try to analyse it , it does not give any profit or benefits to your life and it is not healthy to live like that. So the only think you need to do is to find an adept and reputable psychologist or healer (parapsychologist) and stop this behaviour which waste your time and positive life resourses.
Aggressive person can danage somebody else. In this case anything happen: murder , torture, damage, humiliating of somebody, harrassments etc. As I told before, measures must be taken ON TIME, do not wait till the disaser happen and suffering which can happen to you or to your family member. Find the way earlier and everybody will be safe and sound.
You are easy to think negatively, get upset, frustrated, sad , pitiful, deplorable, lamentable, distressing, depressed etc. Unfortunately, this situation, when person tends to be sad without any proper reason or not, or usually tends to be too sentimental or pitiful – also is too common in the modern world and usually nobody pays attention to this situation and nobody alarms … on time. And totally in vain. As a psychic, I recommend to be caring about the close people around you who tends to be too sentimental and sad to find professional psyhologist or healer (psychic). That is very important to give them not only language support, but also help them to find good specialistc who can help them to start think positively. Please remember – being positive, rich and happy – that is healthy and normal. But being sad and pitiful – it is sickness. And as every sickness it should be cured as soon as possible..
Constant divorses in family or often bad luck in the relationship area –unfaithfulness, no opportunitu to get married or even if got married – marriadge is unsuccessful, repeatable and ugly treatment from the side of your partner or when you usually meet not quit good type of partner – alcohol misuse of partner, beating by partner, regular fighting, drugs misuse of partner, gigolo behavious, cheating, usual neglecting and disrespect from the partner’s side, unwilling to get married or repetable dating of falling in love with already married persons etc.
Whoever you are – I reckon that everybody deserves happy and lovely fimily in harmony, so please do not think that it is something fantastic. And unfortunately in the numerous families that was really common when couples divorsed or happened such negative situation as mentioned above drugs misuse of partner, gigolo behavious, cheating, usual neglecting and disrespect from the partner’s side, unwilling to get married or repeatable dating of falling in love with already married persons etc. The key and the most dangerous and alarming word here is repeatable. When the bad luck happens again and again. As the examples I can give the following situations:

When grandparents divorced, then parents divorsed, than you have got divorced one or several times;
When grandpa beated the grandma regularly, then father beated mother regularly, then you or your friend gets beaten regularly;
When in your or your parent’s or grandparents’ life happen cheating, finding loved on the other side etc.
Anyway, r the ugly situation in your life happen pepeatedly or always ugly but in the different forms – it is alarming situation. Here psychologist can help but hardly. In this case better find healer, but ONLY reputable healer, but make sure that he really can eliminate it. Even if I can it totally does not mean that every healer is able for it.

Various dependances and addictions happening repeatably or not repeatablyin your life or your close people and family member’s lifes. Such as drugs addiction and alcohol addiction. These situations are the most common. Here you need to find healer and also other specialists to save your or your close people or family membler lifes, happiness and harmony. Do not think these negative types of behaviour are normal or can be made peace with and live together. They are destroying and totally unexceptable. They give just a little illusion pleasure but they give damage much more. Here I suggest thet if you encountrered those problematic behaviour – you need to fight with it on all the possible frontlines which exist.
Being tend to the various and unhealthy types of perversions. The same problem as in all cases – nobody takes seriously this behaviour, cause it has got too wide-spread. Perversion is a type of human behavior that deviates from that which is understood to be normal. Although the term perversion can refer to a variety of forms of deviation, it is most often used to describe sexual behaviors that are considered particularly abnormal, repulsive or obsessive. Perversion differs from deviant behavior, in that the latter covers areas of behavior (such as petty crime) for which perversion would be too strong a term. It is often considered derogatory, and, in psychological literature, the term paraphilia has been used as a replacement though this term is controversial, and deviation is sometimes used in its place. Anyway, as a healer I reckon that it should be fight with, and it is better to use all the possible ways to get rid of it and become adequate and healthy person. It is not good, it is damaging. It does not give any benefits but can really destroy both life and mind.
Being easy to addict to the habits which appears in abnormal and excessive misuse of smth. Like food, sigaretts, sexual intercourse, shopping etc. Here the most dangerous and alarming word is excessive, out of normal rate. If there is the attraction to use something in large amounts, it does not look normal at all. Here you can decide which expert should help you – in treditional area such as psychologist or healer. But the most important here is to REALISE that it is not normal and that you need fight with it and correct it. If your close friend has got this habit. Please also try to help him with finding good specialist.
Money problems, bad luck with money or business, bankruptings, money loss etc. Here needs a healer definitely – but anyway it is also important to find healer who does not charge at all or does not charge much.
Various accidents which tend to happen with you OR happend in lifes of your family members, such as car accident, plane accident etc. These are also alarming signs to discover why thes things actually tend to happen, And these situations even I consider as serious. But nevertheless it is also very important to find reputable healer who can deal with these things.
Being absend-minded or forgetful, hard to be consentrated , memory loss or bad and weak memory. Here it is necessary to conduct body cleaning – healers mostly can do it. If person gets absent-minded – that shows the negative structures inside the body. This problems can be solved but healer must be both responsible and reputable.
Mostly all the problems mentioned above GOOD healers can solve… But please do not get cheated, if you want to find a good healer – listen to the suggestions of your friends. Not every healer is good and responsible. And not everyone can get your problem seriously. So please do not trust so easily. Better here also listen what do people say about this healer. As for me, I do not deal with all the situations mentioned above – cause I specialise on the hardly curable diseases and addictions, but also I know who can I recommend to the situations I do not deal with. If you have encountered one of them – you can contact me and also describe your situation, we can try to find the proper sollution.


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