What earth plane history currently we all are living ? (18th century )

I experience women's issues & have being undergoing shift ..currently I discovered with in myself ..that I am connecting to Sati time period , the ancients time stuff it's coming up ..its bringing many issues & a reflection of many things at play , so how to dissolve all this ..
If I go with understanding that history repeats , here how to change history & v carry or bring only beauty part of it , delete the old part ..
Can v do that , is it possible in reality & what ways can v do it collectively & more over I also think how to overcome repeating history stuff , groundhog day effect ...

Plz shed ur light n perceptions on it .

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Dear Ambar, 

Thank you for posting this.

Do you mean to say you are getting flashes of ancient times?

Do you mean to say you are connecting to issues of women from Sati Times?

What is it that you would not like in the history to repeat?


Yes , I am connecting to those issues ..experiencing it's state kind a like ..The issues , stories ..It comes into play ..The scripts ..The caste system ..all dogmas ..Belief system ...I thought I have done with it ...but it's does come up ...I feel i was looking or asking for freedom from this all stories ..These versions of realities ...that is where I felt that it's stuck cycle .keep playing ..living ..reliving this kind of stuff .

I questions ..myself .

For what purpose v r created ..I already lived those experiences had my learning ..I give my declaration I am free being ..cannot be binded to any cycle that takes me or any women to such devolution pathway ..

It's all women's stories ...besides I am also thinking what society v all intended to create , bcoz these years I came into awareness of many things & I do hold compassion for all beings ..& for myself ..

I feel old stories ..old parts of plays ..scripts ..experiences ..Like done with it ..

Why v Need to keep experiences & rexperience history which is not serving at all in evolution cycle ?

I also realize we come &, go like characters ..players on this earth field & then again come &, live those plays .

It's feels so boring to live life like this ..I am grateful where ever i am & I have no complaint ..I am grateful also in this situation .

I believe new beautiful scripts with beautiful roles to play ..cherish & worth living life , is required

Bcoz of this I experience isolation , disconnection with the world , I feel I walk on earth the world moves & I am moving which way ..I am in wonderment with how I am interacting &, living ..functioning ..by divine grace ...& divine protection ..& realization of many things ..

I also remember there was beautiful old times too ..that time line is lost , I was in search of it ..& every major souls are scattered ...that time line was purest & was aligning with golden age formation ..

I have experienced similar things in the past and also come out of it using the many tools that I have learned through Aatmn and other mentors. 

Would you like to meet me and discuss on skype, I would love to connect, explore further and also facilitate change in your space in a way that you do not have to reject the old times, and as you are moving in gratitude, gracefully embrace the new times to come, by being you. Being free from guilt, being empty of void and being joyful is something we can all aspire to be :) You can msg me here and we can connect, I am one of the proud members of Soul's Temple and would love to support in whichever way i can :)

Hi , that's wonderful to discover some one has transcended that & is now living life...free from those states , so what time is it possible to have Skype .. Thanks .

Hi Amber,

If you are free now, please connect to me, or let me know your convenient time.

My skype id is Bandana.jhanwar

Thank you.


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