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Sharon, the way you have succinctly put together aspects of leadership are simply awesome....clear concise relevant and touching :) thanks for sharing

Very well put Sharon, Vani, Bandana :)

Thank u :)

A leader for me is a friend, philosopher, guide, mentor.. He/She is a person who plays different roles for his/her student as per the circumstances and also a person who is attached but at the same time detached too with the student. A person who gives the student safe environment initially to grow his/her creativity and know self. And then later on push the student in the real world to swim around on own but observing the student from above as a guide and allowing him/her to learn from his/her mistakes and trust him/her and let him/her develop his/her own style. A leader is a person who is just being with the student silently later on after he/she feels that he/she has passed on the knowledge and also taught and observed as to how the student is applying the knowledge.


Nice Purvi...:)

The foremost thing that comes to me, when I think of leadership, is “Leading Self”.  To me leading self, starts with “awareness”, to know who I am, what I stand for, what my strengths are & where my shortcomings lie. Next comes “acceptance”, to recognize, acknowledge & approve my true & complete self, both the bright sunny good side as well as that part of me that I may not like. Finally comes “appreciation”, to love & appreciate myself wholly & unconditionally.

It has taken a lot of time & courage for me to be on this path of leading myself. And as I have taken this journey of self discovery, my belief in myself & my capabilities has strengthened. More importantly accepting my shadow self has been the most enriching part. I have always described myself using words like independence, energy & passion and (striving for) perfection. And being self aware has added just that pizzazz to it. Now that I love & accept myself & have faith in what I do, life has never felt so splendid !

We are always attracted to people or leaders who have a clear purpose, who believe in themselves, move around with their head held high & are able to guide others on to the right path. I believe such people, started their journey of being leaders to others, after they had become successful at leading themselves. After all, meek, weak, confused & lost is not an image of a leader we have.

Thus, leading others starts with leading self, for me !!  :)


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