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Second Hand Books covered in plastic sheets, good condition at throw away prices.

1) Self Enquiry - Sri Ramana Maharishi - Rs.11
2) Who am I? - Sri Ramana Maharishi - Rs. 11
3) Discover your destiny - Robin Sharma - Rs.21
4) Unleash Your Hidden Power - Suhasini Shah - Rs.21
5) Through Time into Healing - Dr. Brian Weiss - Rs.21
6) Secrets of Mind Power - Loryanne - Rs. 21
7) The Chakra Bible - Patricia Mercier - Rs. 21
8) The Psychic Bible - Jane Struthers - Rs.21
9) The Astrology Bible - Judy Hall - Rs. 21
10) Vivekanand the Man and his messages - Rs. 21
11) Tarot Mystic - Carlton - Rs.11
12) Arts of Prophecy - Mendoza, Bourne and Adcock - Rs. 51.
13) Occult lines on hand - Rs.21
14) The Monk who sold his Ferrari - Robin Sharma - Rs. 21
15) Reiki For Life - Penelope Quest - Rs. 21
16) Message of Ramakrishna - Rs.11
17) Tarot Made Easy - Nancy Caren - Rs.21

Tarot and Angel card Reading Deck

1) Simply Tarot Deck - Rs.21

with accompanying book and DVD

2) Guardian Angels Deck - Rs. 21

Guardian Angels.jpg

with box and accompanying book

Crystals and Pyramids

1) Rose Quartz Pyramids - Rs.21

2) Jade Pyramids - Rs. 21
3) Rudrakash Mala - Rs. 21

Please write back to me for buying any of these books, decks or crystals.

Or call on : 9768044464


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Please let me know, how big are the pyramids and are they in perfect condition?


I am in Pune. How can I get them here? Also, do you have plane crystal pyramids also?





hiii ths post seems yr u hv anytg left?..i ws lukg for angel cards

hiii ths post seems yr u hv anytg left?..i ws lukg for angel cards


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