Redikall Soul Bath

Affirmation Based Chakra Cleansing Program which needs 15 minutes of your time daily.


Welcome to the free trial program on ‘Soul Bathing’

The aim of the program is to get in touch with who you are by peeling off the hazy layers of emotions surrounding your consciousness. This program starts with 7 days of free trial. We have chosen to keep this program very practical and feasible to suit a modern lifestyle.


You only have to contribute maximum 15 minutes of your precious time every day. We will be emailing breathing exercise and  Redikall Healing Consciousness statements to be repeated 21 times, silently in your mind.


What can do you expect after 7 days?


  • Enhanced Energy levels
  • Greater intuition
  • Stabilised moods
  • Better sleep and appetite
  • Better concentration and focus on work
  • Peace of mind


What next?

If you benefit from this program,

  1. you can repeat the same program for the subsequent week free of cost
  2. You can enrol yourself for the startup program on ‘Redikall Soul Bath’.
  3. You can participate in our daily group sessions online
  4. You can attend a group session/webinar or crystalline mind workshop to understand why you are thinking the way you are thinking, also help yourself and others in leading a better quality life.


This program is a stepping stone towards a beautiful journey within. You will enjoy the inner exploration and the joy of getting in touch with the ‘truth’ that you are, in a step by step manner.

Let us begin in a slow but sure manner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it conflict with any religion?

A: Not at all. Any religion gives you a right to purify, energise, integrate, complete and protect yourself. You can use this program in alignment with any of your spiritual or religious practices/beliefs. It will complement and not create any conflict.


Q: What if I miss out and do not have any time to do the program?

A: No problem. You can continue the next day after the break. It is best to dedicate 15 minutes of your time daily. But for some reason, if you can not do that, you can always take a break and restart the program. If it is a long break, you may restart right from the day 1. If it is not a long break, you can continue from where you left off.


Q: What are the side effects of these programs?

A: The Redikall statements have no known side effects. However, some people have reported a little uneasiness or blood pressure fluctuations while doing breathing exercises. If you are already suffering from high or low blood pressure or respiratory or circulatory disorder, you are advised to consult your doctor before you pursue the ‘breathing exercise’ part of the program.


Q: What is the ideal position for me to say these statements?

A: You can say these statements, silently in your mind while taking a walk, relaxing in a chair or sitting in one of the yoga asana positions. We recommend you do not drive while saying these statements, as most people relax and may feel a little sleepy after saying these statements.


Q: How do I know that this program is working for me?

A: You tend to breathe deeply, yawn, burp or take a deep sighing breath during or immediately after reciting these statements. Your body will feel relaxed and your mind will be calmer and more peaceful. You will feel more purified, energised and protected in general.


Q: Is it compulsory or necessary to do a step up program after this one week’s program?

A: This program is based on 7 major energy centres, which in turn govern major glands of the body and hence the physiology of the body. These statements have profound effects on your body. However, there are other body parts, related feelings and energy disturbances which remain unaddressed. You can opt to continue your practice for a longer time for the best results. Even if you do not go for the step up program, the benefit of the trial program will be long-lasting in your energy space. However, you can evaluate the merit of the program and decide after the first 7 days.


Q: How is this program different from other programs?

A: There are several programs with unique features. This program is based on ABCD that is Affirmation Based Consciousness Development. Some of the statements are designed to shift your consciousness. As your consciousness shifts, you perceive life and situation around you in a different light and respond in a better way.


Q: What is Redikall Healing Consciousness?

A: This is a certain energy frequency which heals and raises the consciousness of individuals and humanity. This Consciousness is being supervised by a group of ascended masters who are constantly working towards the betterment of humanity.

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