A testimony

The Name says it all. We would like to see words from the healers on board with some of their healing experiences. Would request all the souls who have under taken some healing from here to add the experience.
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  • seema joshi

    hi everyone..few weeks bck i had a session with nandita...i had to do 3 courses but there were loads of blockages.. money was one of the reason ..but iam done with 2 of those and 3rd one is due along with few more which i dint even thought of....m soooo soooo sooooo happy....all thanx to nandita for injecting positivity in me...:))..she is amazing..love ya hon!!
  • seema joshi

    forgot to mention..i saw the magic nandita!!:))
  • Dhanaraman

    Hi Everyone, Oct 7, 2010 was the day I came to know about http://www.healersocean.com/ , where i found online healing process, immediately i have pinged in to live chat, Dr. Neeta Yuvraj was there to chat with me. I have told her about my neck pain which exists more than 6 years, she found the exact problem. She found i am not able to handle one's own rude or rough or arrogant behavior and she gave me an positive affirmation which i started chanted like mantra, after that my neck pain was very much reduced its almost one week now my neck pain is no longer existing in any circumstances. This is an miracle in my life, Thank you very much to Dr. Neeta Yuvraj and healersocean.com.