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  • Shubhada R Bhat

    Thank you soo much for adding me. Requesting u to guide me more on doing these like aura reading, different type of meditation so on
  • Geetika Deepen Chumble

    The best meaning of Spirituality as I have learnt through experiences of life & what I teach systematically now is- We HELP Each Other.... Without ANY bias whatsoever! Race, caste, creed, country, religion, gender, status, nothing matters. We believe we are ONE & have the same soul particle in each one of us. So we work not in competition but in co-operation, where we create a Win Win situation. When we work to create a world of Trust, Honesty & Edification, that's when we become true Spiritual beings. God bless you all.
  • Reikihealer

    Hello Thank you for adding me. I am from Anand, Gujarat.