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I am the founder of this website. My dream is to reach out to every one and teach them drugless self-help technique.
I believe, healing is our birth right and we deserve to be healed on an ongoing basis.
I am the Chairperson of Omnipresence Academy of Life Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Anshu Aggarwal

    Hey Aatmn, 

    Thanks for allowing me to be the part of this community. I would love to attend the sessions. But please note I have already attended Redikall Crystalline Mind Workshop. 

  • Shalini Singh

    Hello Aatmn, I have uploaded my profile picture but looks like it hasn’t come out correctly 

  • Varun

    Hey Aatmn, thanks so much for approving my membership on this website. Could you please suggest some members in Hyderabad......Could you mention how to look for members in a particular city on the website?