• Partnership Program

    2 members

    Join us as a partner with a mission to spread the wonderful work we are doing. You get reward points for every effort and you can use these points while registering for the workshops, training programs and products.

  • Redikall Crystalline Mind

    19 members

    Welcome to ever-enthusiastic family of Redikall Healers.  This group is meant for all Redikall Foundation Students who are eager to learn through sharing and caring. You can submit your case histories, Audio recordings, view and comment other's work as well. You can also ask questions, share your s…

  • Redikall Healing Students Group

    74 members

    This group is open to all students of Redikall Healing to help them support in their quest to explore more from the knowledge of Redikall Healing.

  • Aura Photography and Reading- Students

    33 members

    This group is a forum of  past Aura Photography Workshop Students and Aura Software owners who get together in a ‘Virtual classroom’ to practise Aura reading and acquire mastery.   Aura the energy in and around us, was first discovered by Rishi Patanjali. It was then a 'meta-physical' concept befor…

  • The Book Club

    113 members

    This group is for book lovers. It is wonderful to share your knowledge. If in your life time you have come across a book which has influenced you in a major way, share it with the group. Learn from the experiences of other group members too.

  • Stories that heal

    91 members

  • A testimony

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    The Name says it all. We would like to see words from the healers on board with some of their healing experiences. Would request all the souls who have under taken some healing from here to add the experience.