Anger Management - Audio Meditation

Anger Management

Anger is a very powerful emotion. It stems from a feeling of helplessness and frustration. We all tend to experience this periodically when we seemingly lose control over the environment or environmental factors.


This anger is not always expressed in a manner which gives constructive results.


If not directed well, it could be very destructive to others and to your own self. Several times, anger goes unrecognised and we store it in our tissues. Only to release it explosively when triggered on our vulnerable spots. Your close associates and relatives are often subconsciously aware of these triggering spots.


We don’t have to wait for these explosions. We don’t have to wait for our body to succumb to diseases. We don’t have to have the relationships get sour with this unmanaged stored anger.

Release this potentially harmful energy from your system in a systematic manner with this guided meditation.


 Passive Aggressive Behavior (PAB)

This is a passive form of anger when we find it difficult to deal with authority figures. The silent resentment manifests at a sub conscious level in a destructive form of behaviour which benefits none. For example a person forced into a profession by parental authority displays poor performance. Lot of addicts and alcoholics could be suffering from PAB.  


Benefits of Anger Management:

  • Better health and enhancement
  • Relationship harmony
  • Clarity in thinking and decision making
  • Constructive action plan


Disclaimer: This is a complementary meditation technique  and not a substitute or alternative to medical treatment. You are recommended to follow medical advice as appropriate.

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