Healing Meditations by Dr. Neeta:

Healing Meditations by Aatmn (Dr. Neeta)

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Aura Detox 

Aura is an energy field in and around you. Our physical body is soaked in our energy body known as Aura.

We are susceptible to the influence from other entities

from the physical and metaphysical world as our Aura is constantly exposed to them.

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Physical Detox 

Our Physical Body is a temple for our soul.

Unfortunately, we subject our bodies to various forms of stress inadvertently.
When the mind cannot process certain feelings and thoughts, we tend to bypass these toxins and store them in various tissues.

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Emotional Detox 

Our emotions are our greatest asset when used in a constructive manner.
There are many psychosomatic disorders, relationship conflicts, financial difficulties and professional roadblocks which are direct results of inappropriate

management of emotions.

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Relationship Detox

Relationships give us tremendous personal and spiritual insights as well as growth opportunities. It is not always easy to handle all kinds of relationships.
The greatest challenges are faced amongst primary relationships with mother, father, siblings, spouse and children.

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Anger Management

Anger is a very powerful emotion. It stems from a feeling of helplessness and frustration. We all tend to experience this periodically when we seemingly lose control over the environment or environmental factors.

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Inner Child 

Every time we experience a shattering event, a part of our being feels shattered but still remains connected.
We call this personality or being, as 'Inner Child'.
Each Inner Child has a set of perceptions which eventually becomes a confirmed belief. Every time you hear those small little voices inhibiting you, warning you, cautioning you, you could be hearing the voice of your own Inner Child.

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Inner Void 

We all occasionally experience emptiness within, which we attempt filling up with food, fun, entertainment, relationships or substance abuse.

The more we attempt to fill it up the more empty we feel within.

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Higher Self 

Einstein had mentioned that you cannot solve an issue at the level it was created. In order to understand and resolve issues that we have created, supported and complicated at human level, we need to look at our lives from the divine eyes of our Higher Self.

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Yin Yang

We are all born with Feminine and Masculine principles. Our Life Partners often represent and bear the characteristics of our opposite principle. Women are born with a predominant need for experience of Feminine or Yin principle. i.e. to be taken care of, to be relatively passive and magnetic in her approach, allowing herself to be an active receiver from the Masculine Principle.

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