Colleagues / Siblings / Cousins / Friends


Commonest questions are:

Why is ***** so unfair to me?

Why can't people be more fair to me?

Why can't they be fair enough?

There are endless questions and limited answers to this situation.

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Isolation / Indifference / Alienation 

Feeling of being not included in a group could be a painful situation. Specially by your cousins, siblings and close group of associates and friends.

Even if you do not like them as much, you would love to be invited for the gatherings and parties and be included in group activities and initiatives. The most painful experience is when you are right there and people around you do not seem to be interested in you, your activities, your comments or making you feel that you are different.

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I feel overworked / burdened and exploited.

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Dealing with the Grief of Separation and Loss

The only thing constant in life is change. If you expect and accept changes and be fine with changes, there would not be any reason for grief. However, if you are going through the pain of separation from your loved one, you need to now understand how to deal with this issue. Read More to help yourself through this challenging phase of life.

Being Targeted


Are you often targeted by an individual or a group of individuals or colleagues?  This belief stems from certain experiences of childhood when you felt targeted by someone. Your perception eventually becomes a belief and every belief of yours starts manifesting and eventually strengthening your belief further. Many a times, a bright student or a sibling is targeted by the rest if he or she is a parent / teacher's favorite for being a bright, promising, helpful and cheerful child. Later the fear of being targeted could retard the growth and compel you to be one amongst the others in the quest for belonging and safety. History is witness to several outstanding personalities who have been assassinated and targetted as select few felt threatened by their outstanding performance and brilliance. But this experience is not the norm. There are several personalities who were loved by all for the brilliant work they have done and they have died amidst loving blessings by one and all. It is how you perceive your success and talents. If you feel you deserve to be loved for what you are, who you are, you will invite love and affection from one and all. But if you have achieved success in order to achieve more love and affection from others, life takes a full circle and brings you back to the experience of being unloved and targeted.

Do you feel you are not moving ahead in life because you are being targeted? Move so fast… Focus on your own targets and goals and move speedily towards them rather than being stuck and being available as a target.

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Try writing the following positive affirmation 21 times/day for a period of 3 months and experience a remarkable difference.

I target my own targets. or I speedily move towards achieving my own targets.


Note: An appropriate and well designed affirmation has the power to dramatically change your life for the better.

If, however, a particular affirmation does not resonate with you, please consult your local therapist or online healer.


Relationships give us tremendous personal and spiritual insights as well as growth opportunities. It is not always easy to handle all kinds of relationships.

The greatest challenges are faced amongst primary relationships with mother, father, siblings, spouse and children. Consider Relationship Management Meditation by Dr. Neeta to  heal your relations with near and dear ones.

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