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Q: How do I help myself?

There are several self-help tips available on this websites. Decide in which area would you like to avail self help guidance. Most of the superficial issues can be addressed on your own by reading these pages and watching some of the videos. However if you need free or professional help, we would be happy to assist you. Opt for an informal chat and we will guide with the best suitable methods. Read more on self help


Q: I hate meditation. It's boring and old fashioned... I need action.
A: You do not have to sit in a crossed legged position, You do not have to be isolated. You can meditate while working, driving, eating, while taking bath... In fact any time.. Meditation is a way of life where you are connected to your inner and outer realm all the time.


Q: How can one learn in just a few hours when other schools of meditation train you over such extensive periods of time?
A: Although learning Easy Meditation is extremely easy, for its deep effects on your being, you need to practice it on an ongoing basis till the time the meditation becomes a way of life.


Q: I am already practicing a certain way of meditation. Can I practice this meditation simultaneously?
A: Yes, you can do so easily and effortlessly.


Q: Who can practice this meditation?
A: Anyone with a healthy state of mind could practice this meditation. As a matter of precaution, we advise patients under psychiatric treatment not to take up this course.


Q: How is this meditation different compared to other meditations?
A: This is a highly simplified meditation based on sound principles and understanding of the Subconscious Mind and knowledge of Major Energy centers in the body. One can learn and practice this in the most simplified and easy manner.

Q: Can I meet the guide in clinical set up?
A: This is a self-help guidance and not a form of therapy. We encourage you to be empowered and not dependent on us. We would be happy to guide you and we know that in a short while you will not need us. Guidance on the phone or the internet has been extremely useful. It saves time, the cost of commuting, space management is easier amongst other factors. Besides you could speak to us from the privacy, convenience and comfort of your own space. Our guides are trained to be empathetic and understand you beyond your words without necessarily meeting you in person.

You'd know it in a short while after chatting with them online.

Q: Who are the people behind this endeavour?
This mission was introduced by Omnipresence Academy of Life Pvt. Ltd.
under the leadership of Aatmn.
Most of the techniques taught on this platform through workshops or mentorship programs have been channelled by Aatmn and enhanced by the core team members.

Q: How is this work different from others?
We believe in the inherent potential and core strength each one has. Our endeavour is to inspire at least 2/3rd of the world's population to remain in touch with their core strength and resource energy on an ongoing basis.

Q: What are these techniques based on?
These techniques are based on a sound understanding of the subconscious mind and several principles of metaphysics. Once you take up the curriculum, your workshop facilitator or mentor will share these principles and show you how to apply them in your life to make significant positive differences in your personal and professional life.

Q: What if I do not believe in all this?
Would you believe anything unless you experienced it for yourself? Gift yourself a few moments of life to explore this invaluable opportunity and you will never regret the precious moments you spent with us.

Q: How do I become more intuitive or clairvoyant?

We are all born inherently intuitive. Animals and birds are intuitive too. This beautiful gift is often wrapped up by layers of emotions, beliefs, conditions. 

Get an intuitive insights

Trust your intuitive insights

Follow your intuitive insights.

Q: Privacy Policy

We do keep the record of your conversation and chat within the organization for quality monitoring and future reference while advising or mentoring you. Same may be occasionally discussed with students of the organization for educational purpose without referring to your name or identity. If you wish to remain anonymous, you could sign up with a nick name and email id which does not reflect your identity. Note that no content will be shared in public without your permission.


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What is the reason for fungal infection in under arms
Comment by Omnipresence Academy of Life on January 12, 2015 at 1:42pm

We understand, you are embarking on untredded zones and may feel little perplexed. Feel free to get in touch with the online guides, ask questions, leave your query on the chat box or contact support or leave you comments or questions in response to this comment... We will be happy to assist you in the best possible manner we can.

This is a space for healers, seekers, metaphysical explorers. Let's learn and share, to make a positive shift for ourselves and others.


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