Foreign Energies

We are all born divine and illuminated. It is a layer of ignorance gathered over a period of time, which makes us ignore the light within. 

If you look at the new born, you can experience the divinity within, but as the baby grows up, the social conditionings, beliefs, judgements etc. creates barriers, inhibiting you from being in touch with the light within. These barriers and layers, also at times prevents you from being in touch with the light source.


Exasperated, we try and seek answers from outer world. We get attracted to the light sources, who have managed to shed their layers of ignorant beliefs and conditionings. While attempting to face the external light source, we invariably tend to cast a shadow. The stronger the light the darker is your shadow. The moment you notice your shadow, you tend to forget about the light and start fighting with the darkness.


We seldom realize that there is no remedy to darkness except Light. You are fighting a loosing battle if you think you can combat darkness because the darkness does not have its own existence. The darkness is simply absence of the light. 

Same way in life, we all have certain dark areas. We have tried getting rid of them and we have tried conquering these aspects of our being. We have blamed the whole world and felt helpless and exasperated. All these has happened because we have lost touch with the light within.


The energy goes where the thought goes. Think about brighter aspects of your life and you will have many more brighter opportunities awaiting you.

But if you focus on the blues and blacks of life, of course you will manifest that too!


Does that mean the foreign energies do not exist? What are the foreign energies?


Coming from an active teaching and practice as a regression therapist, my students and clients and seekers have vividly described the presence of Demons, Dark Forces, Black Magic, Ghosts, magic spells, etc.


Of course they are the manifestations of one's ignorance. Most of them do seek release but that is not the solution. 


I do not have an evidence if they really exist but yes, one thing is for sure, they do exist in one's mind and the only concrete way in which we can get rid of them is by changing the mind. Some where the person seemingly suffering from them have created a space for the suffering at a very subtle and subconscious level.


You could keep plucking one apple at a time or you merely up-root the tree. These dark energies, foreign energies, ghosts in your space, etc. are the extension and projection of who one's inner realm. 


They help you in experiencing all that you in any case have been experiencing past. They may seem to have exaggerated your problems and suffering but they can not be ever a causative factors for your pains and suffering. And if they are not the causative factor, you have a better chance of helping yourself out.


If you have felt helpless by others, for sure these energies will make you feel helpless. If you have felt manipulated by others, for sure, these energies will make you feel manipulated. If you have felt weak, these energies will exaggerate your sense of weakness. If you are feeling victimised by them, for sure... They are not the only ones victimising you. It has happened in the past to you. Think about it on this lines and you will realise that your adverse experiences are not because of negative energies. The negative energies are because of your need for adverse experiences.


The moment you address the the soul's need to go through these experiences, which are simply aided by these energies, you no longer need their association/presence in your space. 


A young girl complained of being possessed by an extraneous energy source. She felt that some jealous relative had done a black magic on her. She felt extremely weak and unable to move out of bed. She felt paranoid about getting out of the house or eating any food cooked by relatives. She constantly feared death and ill-health and lost all hopes of recovery. 

'Every time I close my eyes, I see an evil force beating me up with chain."

She found it difficult to close her eyes and as a result, she suffered from insomnia.

"Can you describe exactly what you see?" Asked the healer? 

"I see me and my boyfriend tied with the chain and being beaten up by that monster like entity. I am very scared... He will kill both of us."


"Since when you are feeling this?" Asked the healer. "Ever since I visited him." She paused. "He studies abroad and I had gone to visit him there."


On further exploration, it was apparent that the girl had broken the promise given to her mother to remain celibate during her visit to her boy friend, and loss of virginity before marriage was against her conscience. Her guilt feeling lead her to subconscious punishment.


As her guilt feeling was healed, She managed to seek forgiveness from her mother. When her kind hearted mother, very compassionately accepted her sexual adventure, to defy the social norm and the promise given to her mother, the very need to be punished for the breach of trust had gone. So called monster or entity had no role to play in her life. She did not need any of those 'Spirit Release' Because so called monster or Spirit was merely a projection of her own guilt.


These energies are floating thought forms, like germs. We are constantly surrounded and invaded by them. But under normal circumstances, we seldom get affected by them.  It is only when you feel susceptible to them, you suffer.


Like any other problems in life, these energies are like unpleasant wrappers, covering up a beautiful gift underneath. Do not simply discard them without accepting the gift they have for you. In fact when you gracefully receive the gift, you do not need these wrappers. In case you need to know more about the gift, you can decode it in by using metaphoric understanding.


You could help yourself with an Audio CD 'Aura Detox' which will help you identify some of these energies, de-code the metaphor, and guide you to receive the metaphysical gift for you through these energies. 



Salt Water Bath, Placing Camphor in the spaces where you experience negativities.

Remain in positive frame of mind and associate with people having positive attitude towards life.

Do physical exercises for at least 20 minutes.

Eat fruits and vegetables

avoid alcohol

Use Mood Managers Technique to be your best in the now.

Learn Mind Leaders Curriculum to enhance your awareness about Mind and Metaphysics.

Consult online guides for the further guidance.

Request a Personal Evolution Navigator

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