What is Healing?

Why do we need Healing?
When do we need Healing?

The word HEALING comes from the word, Hale, i.e., whole.
The process of healing makes you feel whole and complete.
The process of healing makes you feel one with that which is whole and complete.

Healing is our birth right and is available in abundance.

If the healing is available in abundance, then why should one make an attempt to heal?’ Why should one become a healer or for that matter go to a healer?

Well, the healing energies are definitely available to us like oxygen and air, but still at times we go for a fan or an oxygen mask…

We do not have to fall sick to go for healing. We do not have to have a crisis in order to opt for healing. Healing in any case is an ongoing process. Even if we do nothing about it, the benevolent universe takes care of us. But the question is why, like a small baby, do we wait to be taken care of by nature? Or do we take charge of our lives and do something about it?

Some people keep waiting for the darkness to go… Some people keep waiting for the morning to come and there are others who take charge and light a lamp till the time the mighty sun shines in the sky to illuminate our world.

How do you take the darker moments of life?

When you remain in synchronicity with the flow and rhythm of the universe, there is a great sense of peace, calmness and joy. But when you deviate from this state, you go through pain. Each emotional and physical pain is a mere reminder for you to get back into the flow, to remain in touch with the universal intelligence. But we do not do that. In fact we benumb every signal that our body tries to give in its own special ways and we suffer major breakdowns eventually.

It is never too late… Shed those unwanted layers of pre-conceived ideas, pent up feelings, and fill up the emotional voids before destructive agents fill them up. Recognize that which is whole and complete within. Get in touch with the one which is whole and complete and live a life that is whole and complete.

Take some time out for yourself. Healing is a soul bathing process, do not postpone it.

Heal yourself and heal the world.


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This is a space for healers, seekers, metaphysical explorers. Let's learn and share, to make a positive shift for ourselves and others.


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