Isolated Neglected Alienated Feeling

Isolation / Indifference / Alienation

Feeling of being not included in a group could be a painful situation. Specially by your cousins, siblings and close group of associates and friends.

Even if you do not like them as much, you would love to be invited for the gatherings and parties and be included in group activities and initiatives. The most painful experience is when you are right there and people around you do not seem to be interested in you, your activities, your comments or making you feel that you are different.

Well, you really cannot force others to change their behaviour. you cannot even change yourself all the time. Yes you do go through the pains of being neglected. Acknowledge and recognize the pain.

Use Soul's Temple or Mood Manager's Technique of Self-Help.

Take the help of a Mentor to rise above the situation and discover the brilliant gift embedded in it for you.

Most people who feel this kind of social isolation could have had several or at least one such incidence in the childhood where they felt isolated, neglected, hurt, manipulated, rejected, humiliated or mocked at. At times it is so painful that the memory is often repressed and not available at the conscious level. However, this hurt personality (Inner Child) within them keeps reminding them that they need to be careful and avoid gatherings as the outcome could be painful. The more they remain on their guard, the more difficult it gets for them to be a part of the group and the more isolated they feel. Now the question is who is isolating whom?

Are these people being isolated by the group or by their unseen wall of the defense mechanism protecting their sensitivity and possibility of hurts? Well, this question is like asking whether the eggs came first or the bird came first...

The cycle will keep repeating till the time you find a way out.

If you have gone through something similar, it is time to drop your defenses, embrace the very experience you have been avoiding. In any case isolation is inevitable but getting isolated by your self-imposed walling up process is going to suffocate you and choke you up.

Heal the past pains and hurts and you will start seeing the situation in a better light. There were several people who went through similar situations and when they meditated in the isolation, they got in touch with the brilliant gift in this life design. Many of them have become brilliant poets, artists and composers in their moments of solitude.

Trust, once you get in touch with this brilliance and embrace it whole-heartedly, you will rise beyond your human need for social acceptance. And interestingly when you will drop this need, people will find no reason to reject, neglect or isolate you. The same people who avoided you once upon a time may seek you out. However, at that level of neutrality, you will be totally detached and neutral to the acceptance or rejection from the people you craved for once upon a time.

This is a gradual process and often needs persistent practice to gain spiritual insights and mastery often under the guidance of a spiritual mentor.

Check it out... what’s stopping others from accepting you and what you could do about it? Risk rejection and unpleasantness. Address and suitable modify your responses to others' behaviour.

Don't wait for others to love you and accept you. Start accepting and loving yourself and eventually others around you will definitely do so. If you need help in accepting a part of you, please consult the online guides. They will guide you appropriately.

Self-Help Measures:
1) Emotional Detox Meditation to release a lot of emotional hurts you have gone through.
2) Inner Child Healing Meditation: To heal the part of your personality which has felt neglected, rejected or isolated in the past.
3) Anger Management Meditation: If you have stored anger and resentment towards people around you.

Soul's Temple Self-Help Technique for Spiritual Insights
Mood Managers Self-Help Technique for bouncing back to your best irrespective of outer odds.
We recommend you take the help of a mentor to guide you to rise above this painful situation.

Soul's Temple affirmation:(affirm/write 21 times for 21-90 days)

This social isolation is my Soul's Temple
My need for social isolation is my Soul's Temple
My resistance to let go of social isolation is my Soul's Temple

If ***** (An individual or a group or people) who is isolating you,
***** is my Soul's Temple
My need for ***** is my Soul's Temple
My resistance to let go of ***** is my Soul's Temple

As you get neutral to the outer layers, many more inner layers will draw your attention. With a little patience and persistence and modification in the Soul's Temple affirmation you will manage to achieve a state of calmness, peace and serenity enabling you to rise above the situation and have a bird's eye view of the situation in order to have an effective inner and outer resolution with spiritual insights.

This is a space for healers, seekers, metaphysical explorers. Let's learn and share, to make a positive shift for ourselves and others.


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