Karma - By Aatmn, Regression Therapist

The word 'Karma' comes from the Sanskrit language.


In the English language, a simple translation could mean action. Every action of ours has a repercussion. Every school of philosophy and religion has described Karma in a different manner. Karma philosophy is often used as a very potent tool to control people's anti-social behavior by inculcating the fear of suffering in them. Yes, every action has a reaction and there is no doubt about it. As far as Karma is concerned, it is also the intent behind the action which leads to subsequent repercussions.

For example, an Army personnel posted at the border may have to shoot an intruder, based on the guidelines given by his superiors. His intent for the homicide is born out of his duty consciousness. But the same Army personnel, upon reaching home, shoots a house intruder because of suspected infidelity from his wife, could be liable for several repercussions, karmically as well as legally.


As a regression therapist, I have observed two kinds of Karmas:

1. Experiential Karmas
2. Energy Karmas


Energy needs to continuously flow in life. If you have robbed money, there is a possibility of karmic settlement by the loss of money in future. If you have made someone go through emotional or psychological or financial damage by stealing money from them, over and above energy karmas, experiential karmas apply to you too. This may subject you to a future experience of similar nature. When I regress people with repeated experiences of cheating and betrayal in their life, most of them happen to regress to the past or a past life / lives where they felt guilty of cheating or betraying someone in the past or past life. People who have gone through the experience of helplessness several times in life, invariably have regressed to their past life where they have made others feel helpless.


Interestingly, after healing their guilt feelings arising out of subjecting others to the experience of helplessness in the past, they have been able to overcome their repeated experiences of helplessness or alter life situations where they feel helpless.


Does that mean they had a past life? Does it come out of religious beliefs? My cynical mind used to wonder if the subject has an extra need for fertile imagination!


Slowly I started regressing people from religious backgrounds with a strong denial of the existence of past life possibility. I really did not have to speak to them about any of the philosophies and still, results and findings were strikingly uniform.
I had a case of a lady who was getting repeatedly physically as well verbally abused by her husband who was otherwise very gentle with everyone around him. As I interviewed her further, there was a history of getting abused by her mother as well as brother. Coming from a non-believer background, she refused to go for past life healing.


However as I gave a command under hypnosis to her subconscious mind to see that personality responsible for her helpless situation, she regressed into a past life where she was a magician and manipulated many innocent people in an unethical manner. The guilt feeling at the time of the death of the magician was profound and had to be healed in a gentle manner. Interestingly the behavior of her husband, whom I had never met before this therapy session, improved dramatically and there was a major shift in her interpersonal relationships with others as well.

That is why several times, in spite of an attempt to escape a situation or a person, we invariably carry forward the past experiences and are incorporated in the pool of collective consciousness.


These experiences are carefully chosen as a pre-birth planning, known to your subconscious mind. This intricate planning helps you not only in experiences but also in vital learning. Escaping these experiences without completing the learning process, is like rejecting a wrapped gift, just because you did not like the gift-wrapper, carefully selected just for you.

All experiences are the divine choices at the Soul level and they are there for a reason. These reasons shift from person to person. There is a reason behind our chosen financial condition. There is a reason behind choice of parents and socio - educational - economic background.


God (you may call it collective consciousness or resource energy) is not unkind to any soul and would never single out anyone to punish. Behind every suffering there is a strong possibility of pre-programmed guilt, you may choose to call it a past life guilt. Behind every experience, there is a specific learning. The moment you learn, you do not have to necessarily go through a prolonged experience.

When you introspect your life with the help of metaphysical light in the true sense, you will realize how perfectly the life is designed.


Karmas are not punishment

Karmas are not punishment. They are perceived by us in this manner purely out of unawareness about the law of Karmas in a similar manner as a small child feels punished by the noble intent of parents to give the child an experience of schooling.

Karmas are precious experiences and yet you do not have to necessarily go through all of them unaware.


There are four ways of dealing with your Karmas: 

  1. Go through them unaware, they may persist due to your attempt to resist.
  2. Postpone the experience using free will: This could happen in some of the exceptional cases.
  3. Learn all that you needed to learn through your karmic background. (This works in case of experiential karmas) 
  4. Whole heartedly embrace the karmic design till the time the embedded gift unfolds and later focus on the gift and let the karmic wrapper go.


There is only one way of dealing with the darkness: spread the light. In metaphysical terms, Darkness is Ignorance and Light is Awareness and Truth.

You do not have to blindly follow any of the concepts just because they are presented by any authority, and that includes the concepts presented in this article too.

I believe your subconscious mind has answers which are unique and just meant for you. Learn to retrieve some of those life transforming answers.

Learn to meditate on a regular basis.


In case you find it difficult to meditate, we recommend: 

  1. Easy Meditation - an easy way to learn and practice meditation
  2. Advanced Redikall Healing curriculum teaches you in details about the dynamics of Karmas
  3. Mood Managers - to learn to be your best in the now
  4. Emotional Detox - program to declutter neuropathways to your subconscious mind 
  5. Meet our online guides to help you design your Personal and Spiritual Growth Plan. 




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