Meditation Through Self Hypnosis

Experience being in a beautiful 'meditative state' of mind


Make the best out of every moment of your life


It is easy to learn and practice

It is the need of the hour 


As we are the extension of our universe


our universe is an extension of who we are


we can thrive in life when we are in sync with each other.


 To thrive in life

Learn Meditation Through Self-Hypnosis



You will learn how to program your mind with three precious key words 


every time you use your precious key words,

you will effortlessly and instantly enter into a deep meditative state.


It would be helpful to have material handy to note down your special keywords for yourself.




As these are precious key words,

always remember them 


avoid sharing them with others.




Your Subconscious Mind has been programmed

with the three keywords now.

Now let us practice how to use these key-words.

Listen to the audio now.

  • Every time you use your key words in the same sequence,you will go this deep and much more deeper with regular practice
  • You are ready to practice Meditation on a regular basis now
  • You may take the help of the audio commentary for some time but later, you can practice without the audio support.


A Word of Caution

  • The mind of the regular Meditator is an open and fertile mind
  • Regular practice of Meditation reduces the number of thoughts and enhances the power of the mind
  • Every thought is likely to manifest instantly
  • If you are practicing Meditation regularly, you need to be vigilant about your thought process, as adverse thoughts related to worries, erroneous beliefs, etc. are likely to manifest too
  • In case you would like to avail of help enrol today for Easy Meditation (TM) Technique


Benefits of Easy Meditation Technique

  • Helps you become a powerful observer of your thought processes
  • Reduces number of thoughts per minute
  • Calms your mind in the shortest possible time
  • Reduces several psycho-somatic illnesses
  • Helps you concentrate better
  • Enhances your Sixth Sense
  • You can learn it in a short while and practice it anywhere & at anytime.

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