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"Absence of Proof is not Necessarily Proof of Absence"


There are many concepts in the past which were conveniently labelled as Metaphysics for the want of validation. It took years for the scientific community to wake up and validate.


Some of the concepts were as simple as:

  • Gravity
  • The Sun and the Moon which were metaphysical concepts once upon a time
  • Aura and Chakras were metaphysics till the time Kirlian, a Russian Electrician, accidentally landed up photographing fruits and vegetables.

Are we going to wait for Science to find out mechanisms to prove everything we experience metaphysically or are we planning to remain open to the possibility of experiencing in real life, even though we do not have any proof of some of the metaphysical experiences as of now.


The proof of pudding is in its taste. Metaphysics is at times beyond our 5 senses and that is why we have been gifted by a 6th sense. Though all of us have the 6th Sense, some of us are in constant

denial of the same.

  • How many times have you anticipated and vividly visualized future events?
  • How many times have you had de-ja vu where you had vivid visions of future events?
  • How many times have you had goose bumps on hearing some of the metaphysical concepts?
  • How many times have you felt a divine presence around? Do we have any proof of all that?
  • How many times have you said or typed something that you did not even know or mean?


Can we validate everything? No, May be not. You have a choice of remaining open and gradually developing the faith in your sixth sense or wait till the time the physical world and scientific community could decode some of the mysteries of metaphysics.


I welcome you to study the concepts listed under Metaphysics. Let me confess, I have not waited to get the proof for any of them except Aura and Chakras. Most of these concepts are proved clinically. It has helped most of my clients, students and colleagues and I have no hesitation presenting it to the world precociously.


In today's world our life in the physical world is moving like a bicycle with two wheels represented by the Mind and the Body. In order to remain in balance, continuous movement is imperative or else there is a situation of inevitable collapse. If we have a sound wheel of metaphysics or spirituality in-built in the bicycle of life, we will have an inherent choice of being still and not be compelled to be on the move in order to maintain a balance in life.


I invite you to explore some of the concepts of Metaphysics, apply them in your life, share them with us if they work for you. Also if you have some of the valid proofs of their application, please share with us so that we can learn from everyone's experiences and grow beyond our physical reality.



Metaphysics and Mind

Our Subconscious Mind is in direct touch with our Metaphysical Wworld. That is why any process which helps you negotiate your critical filter, which is hampering your ongoing access to the subconscious mind, will help you in being more and more intuitive.


Click here to read about the Theory of Mind


Our Mind is the greatest stumbling block as well as the greatest stepping stone to metaphysics.


Metaphysics & More


The name Metaphysics implies all those concepts which are beyond Physics....


There is a world beyond our physical world. Unfortunately our senses are not capable of connecting to this world, but our sixth sense does. We can enhance the faculty of the sixth sense with regular practice of meditation, breathing exercises, etc.


How do you benefit from the study of Metaphysics?


There are several advantages of knowing more about Metaphysics, which include:

  • Having access to the gamut of direct information which could transform your life
  • Understand your life in a better way
  • Being able to have a bird's eye view of your life situation
  • Knowing and understanding others
  • Easy predictability of the future 
  • Decision making with spiritual insight


We present some of the postulates to make it easy for you to learn more about the principles of Metaphysics.


To read Postulates on Metaphysics click any of the following:


Metaphysics and Mind

Metaphysics and Spirituality

Metaphysics and Healing



These postulates are designed after several clinical observations and like anything in the world, they are subject to change as we evolve in understanding.


Opening up your mind and familiarising yourself with some of the concepts of Metaphysics could be life transforming. For many people it happens accidentally or you could do it:

  • With Regular Practice of Meditation
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Healing Techniques, e.g. EET, Soul's Temple Self Help Technique, Spiritual Healing, etc.
  • Regression Therapy
  • Understanding Mind Metaphors in a systematic manner
  • Through connections with Higher Frequencies


No amount of literature could teach you as much as your own personal experiences. Your life is the biggest school of Metaphysics. You do not have to wait till the time all doors start closing on you to leave you with no choice but to explore your quest to know more on metaphysics.

Wake up and live an aware life with deep insights. Give your life a new meaning by understanding the depth as well as vastness of this subject.


Aatmn (Dr. Neeta Yuvraj)

Soul's Temple Team



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