Metaphysics of Money

Money is a freely available energy and yet people do attract blockages in receiving and retaining money.

Unfortunately money earning capacity is not necessarily proportionate to your habit of hard working as well as smart working. There are several intelligent and hard working individual, who find it difficult to get their dues.

So where is the catch? If you understand how metaphysics works, probably you would be able to get some glimpses into the volatile nature of the this energy called money. 

Financial blockages are a part of our soul planning meant for certain experiences. 
Let us understand how...
  • If you are feeling helpless in several areas of life, financial blockages would make you feel helpless too.
  • If you are feeling trapped in relationships, career, property matter etc. financial blockages will add to your experience.
  • If you are feeling blocked in other aspects of your life, financial blockage will assist you in that experience too.
The problems in life are not because of the financial blockages, The financial blockage is there because you have a soul level need to experience certain problems/challenges.
Now the question arises, why would the soul need to experience problems and challenges?
To get the answer to this question, ask yourself a question, 'What would happen if your life was totally free, happy, smooth and a joy ride for ever and for years?'
Most people answer by saying that it would be boring.
Challenges are anti-boredom mechanism we invent to keep going on in life. Besides, they teach us a lot and leave behind interesting gifts.
We, at Soul's Temple believe that there are interesting gifts lined up through these challenges. If you take a systematic action plan, you will be able to understand the soul's level need for your financial blockages and challenges.
You have answers to all your questions in your subconscious mind or through your subconscious mind.

We can simply assist you in discovering those answers.

However here are some of the pointers you could examine for 'self help' in money matters.

I have a guilt related to money

I feel jealous of people who have more money


I constantly experience lack of money


I feel unlucky and unfortunate


What is my learning through money matters?


How to handle Money matter


I feel a greed for money even though my needs are taken care of


I constantly worry about money


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