Money - Worry

Do you worry about inadequate funds in the future? 

You may not be aware of the fact that you are going through your life because you have a purpose to fulfill. Whatever is required to fulfill your purpose would be provided to you at any point of time in future.

However all you need is :

  • Willingness to accept different ways of the universe to bless you.
  • Having the faith in your self to be able to take charge of life irrespective of outer circumstances.
  • Adequate faith in self and the universe.
  • Positive conditioning and belief systems.
  • Adaptability.
  • Positive attitude towards life in general.


Do you worry about losing money in the future? 

Money is a dynamic energy. Avoid trapping and caging. Rather remain an attractive container to hold it with love and care. Be that magnet, which pulls and holds wealth around you.


I attain and retain money in a manner which is best suitable for my life plan.


I allow myself to enjoy all material comforts and pleasures of life with total honesty and integrity.

Do you worry about generating karmas due to excess money?

You do not generate karmas if you remain a custodian rather then master of wealth. It is the attachment to money based on your ignorance about th e nature of money which could generate karmas through inappropriate attitude towards money in general.


I strive to inculcate appropriate attitude towards money matter

My fear of generating karmas due to money is my Soul's Temple

Do you worry about not being able to adjust to the lack in the future?

At times, preparing yourself for the worse in life makes you go through the worse even before the worse times ever strikes your life. You never know, your life could be better than what it is? It is good to prepare for all kinds of life experiences but you do not have to suffer in order to train yourself to go through sufferings in the future. By doing that you are almost programming yourself to suffer in the future. 

Open up to the possibility of abundance

Open up to the possibility of availing all that you deserve

Open up to the possibility of happy and easy life and fiances to facilitate the same.

If you are still worried, its time to consult your navigators and help yourself through their guidance.

Till then you could try these affirmations:

I remain open to the possibility of happiness, comforts and free flow of finances in my future life.

My need to worry about the lack in the future life is my Soul's Temple


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