Mood Managers



Why Mood Managers?

"There are 10 reasons why you need Mood Managers."


Reason 1

'You are at your best when your Mood is at its Best'

Bad mood could result in financial losses, reduction in efficiency and concentration, health challenges, strain in relationships and damage to goodwill. It's extremely important to remain in good mood in order to be your best in the now!


Reason 2

Freedom from substance abuse and unproductive habits for mood stimulation    

   Dependency on harmful substances, stimuli and chemicals could be very harmful in the long run. You can now learn to have mastery over your mind and hence over your life.

Reason 3

'Easy to learn' and 'easy to use' techniques

The Mood Manager Techniques are very powerful, easy to learn and easy to practice self-help techniques based on a sound understanding of the functioning of your sub-conscious mind and its interplay with the metaphysical principles. They have been clinically tested.


Reason 4

Enhanced Creativity

A quiet, relaxed and stress-free mind could gift you with brilliant ideas and creative solutions. Mood Managers program inspires your to think productively and constructively and conserve your time.

Reason 5

                                                            Art of Self-Observation                                                                                                                                           

"You could never solve a problem at the level where you created it" - Albert Einstein. Most of the problems are created at the level of the conscious mind and hence you need to work at the subconscious mind level and metaphysical level to undo the damage done by the conscious mind. While doing so, it is natural for most people to develop the skill of self-introspection and self-observation.


Reason 6

Health Improvement

Learning to be stress free could boost your emotional and physical well-being. Most of these techniques could also be applied to relieve yourself from mild to moderate health issues.


Reason 7

Personal Mastery

When you are in charge of your mind, you are truly in charge of your life. Mood Managers enhances your confidence while controlling your anger, fears and anxieties. This gives you a better edge in your professional and personal life.


Reason 8

Complimentary online support for one month

For any skill development, handholding is required during initial phase. Expert Mood Managers are available from 7.30 am to 9 pm Indian Standard Time where you could connect and avail the support. (You get free consultation coupons at the end of the training Program)


Reason 9

Follow up assistance at nominal cost

Most participants learn to handle their emotions easily immediately or within 30 days after the training. Should you need further assistance, you could request additional for support at a nominal cost.


Reason 10

Personal Growth Assistance

 Online Guides assist you with your personal growth program, reading material, self-help strategies, confidence building, spiritual insights and spiritual growth planning.


 Who can participate?

Anyone above 18 Years of age: Kindly note that Mood Managers is not a replacement for psychiatric or medical treatment. It is a self-help program based on a sound understanding of the inter-relationship between metaphysics and the sub-conscious mind. The techniques are completely harmless and could complement any therapeutic modality. Patients under advanced psychiatric treatment or the patients who have undergone psychiatric treatment in the past are advised to seek a professional consultation before enrolling for the program.

How do I learn?


Attend online training or Webinar or workshop in your town.

Step 2 

Practice on your own based on the guidance and directions given by your instructors.

Step 3

Avail instant assistance to enhance your faith in the system and master the application of techniques during challenging moments of personal or professional life.

Step 4

Avail further guidance from online guides for personal growth.

Step 5

Participate in private forums to avail further support


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