Omnipresence Academy of Life Pvt. Ltd.

Omnipresence Academy of Life Private Limited

Omnipresence Academy of Life Pvt. Ltd. (OAOL)

OAOL as a movement was established in 2009, with a passionate belief and conviction that every human being is endowed with vast untapped potential, abundant energy and the answers to every single question he would ever have. It is essential to draw on this abundance by clearing the huge backlog of unwanted thoughts, emotions, energies and physical cellular memories which we accumulate as superfluous baggage through time and space.

 In a short span of 10 years Omnipresence Academy of Life Pvt.Ltd, with the help of students positively affected and further trained, has successfully reached out to more than 20000 individuals through workshops conducted for various groups, free mediation meetings, corporate training programs for TCS, eBay, HP, Orissa Cement Ltd., Sun Microsystems and many more.

OAOL went international and conducted various Stress Management and ‘Mind-Body-Soul’ workshops for eager participants, abroad.

Headed by Aatmn and Siddhi Pandya, we enjoy the strong support of many team members, volunteers, and ex-students who have benefitted from our programs services and products.

We aim to reach out to many individuals through internet-based work as well as though our services and programs and products.

Our Websites are:



  • To help oneself and others in the network to feel guided, loved, cared for, inspired and honored.
  • To create universal harmony by bringing peace to the minds of people.



To create a global human network which is capable of meeting each one's financial, emotional, inspirational, social, personal growth and visionary needs

  • To inspire people in times of despair
  • To enable people to de-stress in times of distress
  • To enable them to move on when they feel they are stuck
  • To find the answers when they are confusion-struck
  • To help people find - Advantage in Adversity
  • To enable them to discover their uniqueness in diversity
  • To create a world which operates out of love, peace, harmony and integrity



  • Love
  • Faith
  • Integrity


Our Services

1. Aura Photography Training / Scanning

2. Personal and Spiritual Development Workshops

3. Online healing and guidance through our website

4. Personal Empowerment for Corporates

5. Drug-less Healing and Therapeutic guidance

6. Publication of Self-Development Books and audio cds

7. Personal Mentoring Program 



Our Products and Services

1. Aura Reading Software

2. Aura Reading

2. Healing Meditation Audios

3. Books

4. Online / Offline Workshops


Recent Projects Completed:

  • Facilitators' training program for Redikall Soul Metaplay


Future Projects:

  • Redikall Crystalline Mind Facilitator's Training Program
  • Book Publication of Redikall Crystalline Mind
  • Automation of Aura Photography Report

Our Core Team:

  1. Ms. Aatmn: Director, Training Facilitator.
  2. Ms. Siddhi Pandya: Co-Director
  3. Ms. Uma Sangal: Director
  4. Mr. Sarthak Pandya: Chief Operating Officer
  5. Ms. Asha Gokhale: Administration, Student Relationships Management.
  6. Mr. Nalin Patel: Accounts consultant
  7. Mr. Bhupendra Oza: Technical support, aura photography division.
  8. Mr. Rajesh: Accounts Consultant

Our Advisory Team

  1. Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed: Program promotion
  2. Ms. Nithya Chellam: App and education material development

Our Active Workshop Facilitators and Mentors

  1. Dr. Jiji Vijayan
  2. Ms. Varsha Punwani
  3. Ms. Uma Sangal
  4. Dr. Yogesh Vasandi
  5. Ms. Astha Gulati
  6. Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed
  7. Ms. Nithya Chellam



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