Past Life

One of the most controversial metaphysical concepts is Past Life.


There are some eastern cultures where past life is accepted without any questions and there are some cultures where people scoff at the name of past life.


The question "Do past lives exist?" is as interesting as the question of "Who came first? The egg or the hen?"


Of course there is plenty of evidence where people have regressed spontaneously to the past life and verified it. A lot of research has been done on it.


Past life as a therapeutic modality became very popular when Brian Weiss published his maiden book, "Many Lives Many Masters". This book took the seekers' skeptic minds by storm. A lot of people who would frown at the mention of past life, read this book and found some of the answers to the intriguing questions of their lives.


I was introduced to past life as a group regression through meditation by Dr. Syed. I found an effective solution to my Pyrexia of Unknown Origin through past life and my life took an upward spin for good.  There were many unanswered questions and weird symptoms which I would come across as a homoeopath and could not fathom the origin of these peculiar Queer Rare Symptoms.... and finally I found an effective understanding about them, through past life. 


I could never understand why would someone got pain in a specific location at a specific time in spite of no anomaly found through modern investigations.


I could never understand why would someone would have so much aversion to certain people, certain places, certain experiences and certain food preparations.


A lot of such answers to people's phobias and unknown anxieties found very effective answers through past life therapy.


I do not think a blog could cover up all that one could speak about past lives.


"Are these past lives real?" We do not know, but they seem to be giving definitive therapeutic results and relief. I see them more as a pre-programming of the mind. You can compare this pre-programming with certain software programming. Our body and brain being the hardware and mind being the software. Depending upon the life plan and the soul level need for certain experiences, we come with prior programming and of course later we do download several other programs from the metaphysical world which can be compared with the satellite connection.


How does Past Life work?

Probably on the homoeopathic principle of cure


Side effects of past life therapy:

At times, people do use past life therapy finding as an excuse to validate their decisions and actions. At times people do experience certain level of anxiety which needs to be healed with Mood Managers, Soul's Temple or EET techniques. A good regression therapist avoids giving undue association to people and places as they may unnecessarily interfere with the current relationships and life scenario.


It is advisable to take the past life as a metaphor and use it to enhance the current life and evolve in your spiritual understanding of life and metaphysics.

A lot of time I am asked a question, "Why go to the past when we cannot even deal with the present?" "The past has happened in the past, what's the sense of digging a grave time and again?"

"Well, we are the products of our past. we are what we are today because of the effect our past has left on us." The impressions of the past are deeply embedded in our subconscious mind.

We cannot undo what has happened but we could relieve ourselves from the unpleasant effects of the past in order to re-live our lives with ease and deeper insights.

After all, What one sees as a past life, seems to be accessed from the vast knowledge of collective consciousness. There are many stories narrated during the sessions of past lives which are yet not verified by historical records. However, the stories which unfold during the sessions have a deep metaphorical meaning for the current life correction.


People who are experiencing helplessness invariably see themselves in the past life where they have made others feel helpless. That is why the affirmation: 'I forgive myself for making others feel helpless', invariably reduces their need to feel helpless irrespective of the past life regression therapeutic session. 

The theory we have coined at Omnipresence Academy of Life Pvt Ltd. is:

There is a brilliance in every design: Should one use a short-cut in the form of past life regression to reduce the suffering or should one address the very reason behind the pre-programming and embrace the embedded gift.


Problems in life are like unpleasant wrappers around the genuine and brilliant gift for you. When you reject the wrappers without accepting the gift, benevolent forces keep gifting you the same gift in different forms of wrappers till the time you open this wrapper one fine day and say, Hey! I accept this gift! Now the sufferings which are like unpleasant wrappers tend to vanish from your life because they have served their purpose.


So before you reject any body, any experience or any situation, know that they had been brilliantly pre planned for you.

Open up to understand the brilliance in every situation, including the past life that you see as a metaphor under past life regression therapy.


There is a reason why you have chosen to be pre-programmed with certain past life. There is a reason why you happened to see a certain past life and certain event of that particular past life at a particular point of time in life.

A word of caution: Many a times Past Life Therapy is used to justify your action which would have made you feel guilty otherwise. e.g. Extramarital affairs, unethical financial situations, need to be severe to others in current life, etc.

With the help of Redikall Healing and Soul's Temple Healing Techniques, we have bypassed a major therapeutic need for past life and regression therapies. 

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