Personal - Guilt

Tendency to Feel Guilty.

The emotion of guilt is the main culprit behind lot of sufferings.

It is interesting that not the hard core criminals, its only those who have been raised with high morals and values have troubles coping up with their guilt feeling.

We have seen several time, behind the experience of victimization in the current life, people often have a preprogramming of past life guilt of victimizing others. Those who suffer from repeated cheating betrayal abandonment and cheating in the current life, they often have a preprogramming of giving similar experience to others in the past.

Most of the time it is not the guilt but need to be guilty, which is a major problem with us. 

This could be your way of ensuring that you do not make mistakes in life. But that is not true. Your cloud of guilt keeps you away from the light of the divine guidance. Self introspect. Are you one of those who have higher expectations as compared to your capacity to fulfill them?

If you or your parent figure taught you that guilt is a great way to a bright future, you will gravitate towards life situations which invariably leave you with guilt feelings. The best way to continue feeling guilty is to have much higher expectations from yourself, much beyond your capacity to meet them.

We might be able to forgive our worse enemy but at times we take a long time to forgive ourselves. Many of us are very proud of being very harsh and hard on ourselves.

Do we not deserve to be forgiven? Its only when we forgive ourselves, others including our divine self and the universe will be able to forgive you.

As a regression therapist, I have come across worse kind of guilt, and that is a guilt of a survivor where many around you have succumbed to death and you were the only survivor of the disaster. 

Survivor's Guilt could be a past life pre-programming leading to intense unhappiness and suffering in the current life.

Whatever may be the reason... I have often seen that the forgiveness affirmations are of great healing value. 

Several times, 'I forgive myself' affirmation when affirmed repeatedly, opens the gateway to effective healing.

Even if you do not know what you are really guilty about, (this happens when there is a severe repression in the current life or the guilt is from generations or past life,) it would be nice to affirm that I forgive myself for every thing across time and space and feel some thing shifting within.

I set reasonable and achievable expectations and targets for myself. The more I forgive myself the more I remain in touch with my divinity who is guiding me on the right path all the time.


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