Personal- Lack of confidence

I Do Not Accept Myself.

Do you tend to put up a stance of self rejection in order to improve your performance in general? Remember what goes around comes around. Accept yourself unconditionally and the world will accept you too! You can only improve something that you accept as yours. In order to bring about great changes, begin by acceptance and love. I love and accept myself unconditionally.

I am Constantly Rejecting Myself.

Are you in the process of rejecting yourself before others reject you? The end result however remains the same.
The process could begin when your loved one rejected you. Go back to the time when some one rejected you. This moment could be at the time of your birth, conception or a past life. Embrace your own past personality with lots of love.
I courageously accept myself irrespective of other’s attitude towards me.

I am Filled with Self doubt.

Doubt is your defense against ‘let downs’. Have courage. Be fine with let downs. Give your best. When you are full of love, acceptance and courage you will have no scope or space for self doubt. Doubt your tendency to self-doubt. Be fine with initial let downs and seek co-operation with yourself in whatever you do in life. Remember if you think you can - Yes, you can. Yes! I can and I will.

I Have Immense Guilt.

We have been taught to feel guilty by our environment to prevent us from making mistakes. But at times the pain of guilt keeps us misaligned from the universal guidance and in turn we make further mistakes for which we feel guilty once again. We get into a never ending irreparable cycle of a self-blame game. Guilt brings in the need to punish oneself. The universe simply wants you to realize and be aware to remain in synchronicity with the flow of life.

If you have made mistakes, rather than getting into emotional turmoil, check with yourself, what is it that you need to learn from the situation and invest your time wisely to repair the damage if possible. If it is not possible to repair the damage, it is pointless damaging yourself by holding back the emotional charge of guilt. Utilize your strength to re-program yourself in a constructive manner.


I wisely learn from my past and give my life a new start. I unconditionally and courageously forgive myself.


During Exams

You need to have faith in your capabilities. Let go of past unpleasant experiences. Let go of the need to prove anything to anyone. Avoid taking others opinions and judgments too seriously. Do what you can the best and leave the rest. I am born to win.


During Interviews

You have been affected by others judgment on your performance in the past. You need to heal the child in you and be free from the emotional trauma of the past. I give my best and receive my best.


During Public Performances

There is a natural desire to have appreciation from the public for your performance. You are basically not afraid of the public rejecting you but you are afraid of you rejecting your own self. Love yourself for who you are.
Give your best with love and faith. Do not worry about their reaction. What is important is the satisfaction that you did your best. There is a possibility of a past traumatic experience and you are scared of a repetition of the same. Heal it with Past life therapy and inner child therapy. I perform to please myself. Others appreciation is simply a bonus.


Try our Inner Child Meditation to boost your confidence and self-image.



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