Personal- Procrastination

What’s your excuse for postponing?

I hope to do a better job later in life. If you can’t do a better job now, what makes you think that you can do a better job later? Why wait for tomorrow? Do it right now in this moment. I consistently do the right things at right time in the right manner.

I am lazy/ I tend to while away my time.

Do you feel lazy when it comes to excitement and entertainment? If no, your laziness is selective. Make sure you create an interest in the job assigned. If you can’t avoid doing certain things, you might develop interest in it and of course “DO IT NOW”. I generate interest and joy in every assignment and do it on time.

I have poor time management skills.

Time is a precious commodity. Once lost, it cannot be regained. If you have not learnt to value your time, you probably are not valuing your life and yourself. Begin with yourself. Start valuing yourself. Start valuing your life which will change your perspective towards your own time management.
Simple steps of time management

  • List out what you want to do.
  • Every day in the morning make a proper time table for your self.
  • Stick to it with integrity.
  • Review your day at night if you have missed out anything. Take it as a priority the next day.

I value myself and my time and I make the best out of each and every moment in my life.


The job given is boring.

Boredom or excitement is after all your response based on your preconceived ideas. What appears to be boring for you could be exciting for others. Be true to yourself rather than falling into this guilt pattern, choose something that stimulates you to work or discover the excitement in the mundane. I live life 100% at all moments with joy.


I lack prioritization in life.

There is a difference between important and urgent matters. When we don’t deal with important matters eventually they become urgent. In such a situation, you remain busy throughout the day tackling emergencies and miss out on dealing with important matters. Stop for a second to plan your day properly. Generate a “To Do” list by giving priority to important things first and avoid distractions. I pay due importance to the important people and important matters in my life.


The job given to me is unfamiliar.

It will never become familiar till the time you actually do it so do it right now! I diligently and courageously familiarize all that is unfamiliar.

I wait for some miracle to happen all the time. Every breath is a miracle. Every moment is a miracle in itself. Every person or situation throws open enormous opportunities. Recognize small miracles in your own life to create a big miracle in the world rather than waiting for a miracle to happen to you. What are you waiting for? Start making a note of the little miracles happening in your life right now. How would you make the best out of these little miracles?

I am busy


I like to pretend that I am busy.

It’s not how much you do and what you do that matters. What matters are your intentions and the outcomes of your efforts. Be true to yourself. Avoid getting into life dramas by trying to prove anything to anyone including your own self. Be clear on your intent and remain focused on your outcome. Ask yourself a question: What would happen if I don’t remain busy? The answer to this question will lead you to discover “what is it that you are running away from?” Not all busy people have been successful in life and not all successful people have a need to be busy. Think about that. Here are some reasons that might help you look deep within.


I feel useless and therefore a need to prove to someone.

The very reason you are here alive and existing is because you have a definite role to play in the entire scheme of the universe. It is your belief that you are useless in spite of trying very hard not to be. It is making you prove this belief eventually. Discover your purpose in life and simply work in consonance with it. This will give you immense joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. We are the light beings to go through experiences of life on a physical plane. Your journey began as a little baby and has evolved since then. Leave your reigns at the hands of the Universe letting go of your belief that you are useless…because you are a unique being in your unique way.


I might get rejected for appearing lazy and useless.

It is important to ensure that you are totally accepted by yourself and know completely that you are one with the Creator. The world is an extension of your own thought process. When you start accepting yourself and you start believing that you are the accepted one, you will experience the endorsement of your belief in your environment irrespective of the level of work that you put in. Do what fulfills and satisfies you and remain sure that you are always provided for; provided you are open to receiving it. I let myself experience life in its true essence and contribute in my own special way to the environment around me.


I want to avoid seeing my own shortcomings.

You might be holding on to your belief and shortcomings in hope of being complete one day. This is a never ending process. Your sense of completion is within yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you remember seeing yourself as a baby, being complete and always happy? Your own life has grown to accumulate your shortcomings through the experiences that you have gathered. Stop for while, acknowledge it and then with the firm belief that you are as complete as always, aspire towards removing these shortcomings. The universe will always provide help in this direction. Trust it and be with it to live it.


I suppress my sexual urge by being busy.

Respect the need of your body with love and acceptance. You have chosen a human life and these experiences for a reason. Rather than running away, face them head on. Do proper justice to it in a guilt free manner. Check your beliefs about sexuality and find out if you need to change them.


I constantly need appreciation from others.

The only person you are responsible to is your own self. You are the most important person in your own life. There is no harm in pleasing others but not at the cost of an inner void or weakness. Feel complete from within and reach out to others with love and joy. Then you will have the awareness to know how much to do and for whom.


I escape from intimacy in relationships with myself and others.

Fear of intimacy stems from fear of exposure. There are certain parts in you that you are uncomfortable and you presume that when others get closer to you they will get in touch with the undesirable in you and they would finally get repelled and reject you. In order to avoid rejections, you create boundaries and barriers in relationships and the biggest barrier could be your involvement in work by becoming a workaholic. This relationship could be between two individuals, between you and material or between you and some aspect of you (For example your relationship with success, love, pain, money, etc.)

Now in a relationship This is an ultimate game we play with ourselves and others because there is God in each one of us and everybody in your life represents who you are. When you avoid intimacy you are actually avoiding knowing truly who you are and you are avoiding experiencing the God within each one and around you. The barriers that you create to shield you against the undesirable, will also keep you away from the desirable equally.


I avoid being in love with myself.

Are you one of those who sees self acceptance as a deterrent factor in your growth? Are you one of those who have too many conditions and expectations from yourself? Do you find yourself unworthy of being loved even by your own self? Do you keep criticizing yourself?

The best way to avoid loving yourself is to immerse yourself so much in work where you can completely forget yourself. Avoid making work an excuse to run away from your own self. If you can’t love yourself, never expect others to do so because the world will treat you the way you treat yourself. Forgive yourself. Drop your conditionings and expectations. Be kind to yourself and love yourself for who you are and the way you are.


Try our Inner Child Meditation to boost your confidence and self-image.




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