Personal- Weakness


Perhaps you fear strength. The subconscious mind has records of strengths being misused by you or others getting threatened by your strength. Check out, what are the benefits of weakness? Did you or your close ones get away with extra favors by being weak?

The sense of strength is directly proportional to the need for strength. We all display enormous strength under adverse circumstances in any case. At times we fear our strength because we have misused it by going against the divine plan.

I courageously operate out of my core strength to move as per the divine plan.

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Physical weakness

Check for nutrition deficiency or underlying chronic diseases.

Though the physical weakness could be an end-culmination of a debilitating thought process, you must check with your physician and nutritionist for obvious reasons for your weakness.

Also make sure you physically defend yourself well. There are certain negative energy influences on your aura which could drain you out. Salt water bath, black tourmaline or an obsidian stone in your vicinity could help you.

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Emotional Weakness

Not being able to control your feelings could be a very debilitating experience.

Try understanding rather then controlling your feelings. When the feelings are controlled, they tend to get stored in the body, which eventually weakens the body. When emotions are handled with love and care, they become your asset.

I respond to my life with refined emotions.

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