Redikall Healing Teachers' Training Program


Teacher's Training Program Proposal:

"A good Teacher / Facilitator is the one who inspires students to skill-fully  apply the available knowledge for transformational shifts, as in today's world the knowledge / information is available easily and freely everywhere."

Redikall Healing has brought about rapid transformative shifts in the lives of many individuals. We invite you to extend this wonderful knowledge and skill of Chakra Reading and Healing through creatively designed positive affirmations. 

Omnipresence Academy of Life Pvt. Ltd. (OAOL) presents for the first time, an official training program on Redikall Healing, to train the teachers and facilitators to teach a Certificate Course on behalf of OAOL.
The Objective of the Program:
Empower practitioners to impart the knowledge and skills of Redikall Healing Technique
Strengthen the in-depth knowledge of chakra reading
Facilitating training of various applications of Redikall in Relationship Healing, Karma Healing, Money Management, Partnership Analysis, Recruitment, etc.  
Integrating the curriculum as a part of main stream 'Mind Leaders' curriculum 

Program Curriculum:

Day 1

  • Registration
  • Revision of Major Chakras
  • Revision of Minor Chakras
  • Skills of imparting knowledge to beginners
  • Handling difficult participants
  • Handling Questions and Answers


Day 2

  • Practice and orientation of designing correct affirmations
  • Analysis of relationships and partnership and counselling based on Redikall Healing
  • Analysis of professional dynamics
  • Analysis of Karma dynamics and resolving personal issues with the help of karmic understanding
  • Integration of Redikall Knowledge as a part of Mind Leaders Curriculum
  • Presentation, question and answers…
  • Planning a workshop, promoting a workshop, effective follow up and progressive learning strategy to keep in touch with ever evolving stream of knowledge and skills of Redikall Healing


Who can do this program?


The Redikall Healing Teachers’ Training Program is open to anyone who has been trained directly by Neeta Yuvraj or by trained teachers authorised by Omnipresence Academy of Life Pvt. Ltd.
Beginners or those who have not learnt with authorised teachers, are requested to first learn the Redikall Healing Program with Neeta Yuvraj before taking up Teachers' Training Program.


Program Dates:

Delhi: 21/22nd September, 2013 & Mumbai: 26/27th Oct. 2013

Program Venue:

Delhi: Lagend Inn, East of Kailash,

Mumbai: The club, Andheri.

Fees:Rs. 15,000/- inclusive of food, notes, kits and registration fees as a Redikall Healing Teacher for 1 year.

Participants are requested to carry their individual personally programmed pendulums.

Contact: Ms. Siddhi Pandya   +91 9820241639


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