Relationship Management - Audio Meditation

Relationship Management

Guided Meditation

Relationships give us tremendous personal and spiritual insights as well as growth opportunities. It is not always easy to handle all kinds of relationships.


The greatest challenges are faced amongst primary relationships with mother, father, siblings, spouse and children. Many of these relationships bear tremendous karmic brunt and we find it difficult to resolve them with conventional methods.


It would be a prudent step to stop expecting others to change their ways and take charge of your life. It is not others who are your problem but it is how you get triggered by them which becomes your greatest problem.


If you can handle your adverse response and your trigger, you will feel much more in charge of your life.  Your triggers are based on unresolved and unpleasant past memories and emotions.


This meditation helps you resolve your past and encourages you to get neutral in your personal responses towards your relationships. 


You are advised to listen to this meditation on a daily basis till the time you get neutral in your responses. It would be a good idea to resolve one relationship at a time. The priority should be given to your primary relationships, starting with your mother and father or mother and father figures. However, if at any point of time you are adversely affected by acquaintances, you may give priority to those relationships.


Supporting measures:


  • Aura Detox and Emotional Detox and Anger Management could complement 
  • Also, it would be a good idea to take support from professionals to work on your past / past life. Find out the spiritual reason for manifesting a given relationship disharmony.


Disclaimer: This is a complementary meditation technique  and not a substitute or alternative to medical treatment. You are recommended to follow medical advise as appropriate.

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