Separation and Loss

It is a humongous task to deal with the separation and loss of a relative, opportunity, life-style, familiar past, pet, etc.

We need to know that it is not what you have lost, it is not what you are separated from, but it is that feeling which got generated due to that person, pet or factor which you are missing.

You merely associated that positive feeling with a certain fixed factor and hence find it difficult to re-discover that sense of joy and pleasure and positive feeling in the absence of the associated person, pet, possibility, past, etc.

The first set of questions that you need to ask yourself:

Are you ready to get over the past?

What would be the benefit in getting over the past?

What risk are you running by getting over the past?

If you do not have the answers to these questions you may seek the help of the online guides and find these answers from the deepest layers of your subconscious mind, because the resolution would be very easy after you find the answers to these questions.

Second set of question you ask yourself is:

Are you ready to associate positive feelings with your current set of circumstances?

What risk are you running if you do so?

Whom are you punishing by rejecting your current scenario?

What are you concepts of loyalty?

Are you being loyal to your own self by sticking to your concepts of loyalty?

The third step would be to complete the relationship with the past. Had you lived out every moment fully and completely with your past and in your past, you would have been fully present to your present moment. There are incompletions in the past, there could be guilt of doing something or there could be regret of not doing something... Attend to your incompletions and complete them in your mind. Be at peace with your own self vis a vis your past and past relationships before you seek to overcome the loss and separation.

Exchange your energies. You have invested a lot and your energies, your thoughts your emotions could be still stuck to the person, or a pet or place you have lost. It is time to withdraw as a part of your consciousness is stuck to the past and that creates a painful void within. 

Release the unwanted energies. If you have lost a loved one, we might be carrying their thought processes, emotions and energies in our auric space. It is time to release these energies and let them go. They are nothing but foreign energies now and will not let you adjust to the current scenario. e.g. if one of the parent figures who have died, and they are still feeling very sorry or worried for you, their thoughts and beliefs at the time of death could rule your life. 

Several times when you enter a new relationship without truly completing your past relationship, the thought process of your past relative, Ex, etc. would keep interfering with the current relationship. It is time to complete the relationship in your mind. You do not have to meet the past relative or a friend or Ex. You simply have to feel complete and OK about all that has happened in the relationship and be at peace with all aspects of that relationship including the moment of break up and separation.

Grant the permission to your present and future life to add fresh new values to your life without comparing them to your past. Do not judge your current scenario and relationship with the past. That will lead you nowhere. Your past does not have to replicated. Your future does not have to be the same as the past... Embrace the fresh changes with a open heart and a lot of love.


Take one step at a time and one day at a time. Let the past rest in a corner of your mind and create ample space to enjoy the current life and your future life without any pre-set expectations and conditionings based on your past experiences.

Your life is full of special moments. They are special only when you make them special... live them fully and completely now, or else, one fine day in the future, you will once again look back and regret not having lived your life fully and completely... Make sure you do not miss 'TODAY' one fine day in the future.

Soul's Temple affirmations:

Think of the person, place, pet or possibility you have lost and address them.

You are my Soul's Temple

My need for you is my Soul's Temple

My reluctance to let go of you is my Soul's Temple.

Think of the emotion or feeling generated by the past, personality, pet, possibility or place and address your feeling (*****)

(*****) is my Soul's Temple

My need for (*****) is my Soul's Temple

My resistance to let go of (*****) is my Soul's Temple.

A lot more work needs to be done however and you will be guided once you answer the questions raised at the beginning of the page.

Audio CDs that could be of some help to you would be:

Emotional Detox Meditation to let go of the unpleasant emotions generated by the loss and separation

Aura Detox Meditation to let go of and exchange the energies with the past

Relationship Healing Meditation to complete the relationship with the past

Yin Yang Meditation to complete the relationship with your opposite principle

Consult your Online Guide now and find out how you could convert this setback into a stepping stone effectively.

Address you Inner void with inner void meditation.

Seek a mentor to help you sail through this phase of life and safely navigate you to adjust well on your new path.

This is a space for healers, seekers, metaphysical explorers. Let's learn and share, to make a positive shift for ourselves and others.


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