Yin Yang

Yin and Yang Meditation

We are all born with Feminine and Masculine principles. Our Life partners often represents and bears the characteristics of our opposite principle. Women are born with predominant need for experience of feminine or Yin principle. i.e. to be taken care of , to be relatively passive and magnetic in her approach, allowing oneself to be an active receiver from masculine principle.

Most Men are here to experience living predominantly from masculine principles. i.e. to be a go-getter, aggressive in nature, someone who protects and provides. Whenever we have imbalance amongst our inherent principle, we see this affecting our relationships, finances, career and health. Many a times sexual difficulties and dysfunctions are the result of this imbalance.

This guided meditation helps you in aligning your masculine and feminine principles and bring back the harmony in life.


  • Enhanced Health
  • Relationship conflict resolution
  • Help in solving financial difficulties
  • Being OK with your sexuality
  • Being OK with opposite gender

Disclaimer: This is a complementary meditation technique  and not a substitute or alternative to medical treatment. You are recommended to follow medical advise as appropriate.

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