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Dealing with your hidden grief, wounds and tears

It is common in our society to not show tears or show tears as per our gender role plays and given circumstances. Shedding tears can be socially acceptable or unacceptable again depending on many factors. People find great pride in not expressing and thereby not acknowledging their grief.

When we do not acknowledge our grief, we shove it under the carpet. It is like the wound which keeps festering time and again.…


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You deserve to be respected.... by 'YOU'

We all deserve to be respected by each and every one around us. 

However, the beginning shall happen when you start respecting yourself. Respect your body's need for sleep, food, exercise or relaxation. Respect your inner calling. Respect your body shape and appearance. Respect your communication. As you start respecting yourself, you will naturally…


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How to unburden yourself from the past?

Past does influence your present life.

Your beliefs, perceptions, responses and aspirations are influenced by your past. 

Not necessarily all these influences are favourable and suitable for you in general.

Some of them may hamper your growth and slow you down on your path. Still, you may be carrying them like a past baggage. Even if you feel burdened by the past, the attachment to experiences weighs heavy on your shoulder.

Do you think you are carrying some of…


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How to cope up with others' possessiveness towards you.

I often come across people who complain of a feeling of being trapped, stuck or restricted due to others' possessiveness towards them. No amount of protest, rebel or ugly emotional outburst can ease out the situation. 

If trying to wait for others to give you your space, freedom and liberty has not really worked out so far, you need to look within and seek to correct your approach towards others' behaviour.

Maybe possessive people are demonstrating their love towards you…


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Redikall Soul Bath for Popularity

It is natural to seek recognition and popularity.

However, we have more individuals who are shy of popularity rather than those who are ready for the popularity.

Even if someone claims to be ready for the name, fame and popularity, there may be a subconscious inhibition.

There are several factors for that. The most common being the fear of being targeted. Our history is a witness to several assassinations and unfair gruesome death of popular personalities. We often…


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How to motivate yourself and others?

Several times, you feel demotivated because of various reasons. You might even witness others in your space getting demotivated and perhaps they may expect you to inspire them or wait for you to move so that they feel motivated/inspired to move forward in life.

Though Money is the greatest motivating factor for most individuals, it is not necessarily the only reason people look forward to all the time. There may be several other incentives you might be looking…


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Is it possible to open up in a detached manner?

We, humans, go through several unpleasant experiences and many of them are due to attachments.

You could get attached to an experience or a means to an experience.

Several times, you are aware of the possibility of attachment and hence, you may avoid opening up to new possibilities.

Perhaps opening up the past has been a painful experience for you.

However, it is not necessarily because of the…


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Are you using your 100% potential?

One of the ways in which you can do far better with every passing moment is by using your hundred per cent potential.

There is always a possibility of doing better than what you are doing and more than what you are doing. 

The number of minutes available in the day are limited but the potential to make the best out of it is unlimited.…


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Soul Bath for your Body

Your body is a brilliant asset and gift to you and may need a sensitive nurturance.

However, very often, the body bears the brunt of physical, emotional or energetic toxic effects from our inner and outer environment and we may wait till the time it is quite late and the body starts screaming with pathological changes and painful conditions.

As we wash our body regularly with soap or shampoo, we also need to do justice to the soul residing in the body and in every…


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Soul Bath for Relaxation

Yes, you deserve to relax periodically and consistently to avoid the 'burnt out effect' of the day to day stress factors. Inspite of knowing that, you find it quite…


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Soul Bath for Aura and Energy Body

How to cleanse your Aura?

This thought often arises in your mind.

Your aura is a bio-energetic field in and around your body. Your physical body is soaked in the auric space like a sponge in a container full of water.

Our auric space is quite often susceptible to the energetic influences of the other individuals and their thought process and may eventually affect our thought process and our health. …


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How to prevent your relationships getting corrupted by old hurts?

All relationships come with a package deal of spoken and unspoken expectations which others may or may not fulfil. Every time your expectations are overruled, ignored, ridiculed or unmet, you feel hurt. You may spend a lifetime waiting for others in the relationships to realise what they are doing to you and mend their ways. By doing so, you continue to empower them to rule your life and your feelings. Stored emotional hurts do not help anyone. However, they…


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