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The principle of vibration

Your vibration can be at many levels. To say the least, you can enhance your mental vibration through various actions. Higher levels of mental and spiritual vibrations include: Love, Gratitude, Praise, Faith, Feel good emotions and more. Therefore, many practitioners work on a daily basis to enhance and bring their mental and spiritual vibration to a higher level. Practitioners do this so that they may lead a more harmonious life, but also to attract people, events and things of the same or… Continue

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Things that are important to me and are good to follow as well....

1. My Success

I have brought myself by long meditation to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a will which will stake even existence upon its fulfillment." -Benjamin Disraeli

"What am I willing to give up in order to reach my objective?" When you think that why I am not able to acheive what I desire, you are in understanding of what is the obstacle between your being successful and unsuccessful. Some… Continue

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Breathing exercise

The nose has a left and a right side; we use both to inhale and exhale. Actually they are different; you would be able to feel the difference. The right side represents the sun, left side represents the moon. During a headache, try to close your right nose and use your left nose to breathe. In about 5 mins, your headache will go? If you feel tired, just reverse, close your left nose and… Continue

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Time honoured for healthy living .."Health Tips" Part-3

Radhe Krishna To all,

Our ancestors have followed a number of simple time-tested methodologies as shown by our Scriptures, that ensure a disease free healthy and happy life.In this section we bring on....

Preventive medicines:

The following, when consumed on a daily basis guarantee positive health, long life and even act as a preventive measure against lethal diseases like cancer:

Juice of Tulsi leaves, Bilwa leaves (Bael) and Dhurva grass… Continue

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Life is all about choices... Always REMEMBER THIS... It's upto you whether you choose to be happy or sad, to trust or doubt, to do it or not to do it...

you decide how YOU want to feel, not circumstances Make you...

90% of the stress is there because you believe you are a victim to the circumstance... 'Poor you!' After all what can you do under such circumstances??? And that deep negative feeling gives birth to insecurity, uncertainty, that in turn create more… Continue

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Trusting your inner guidance Source---- UNIVISIONS -www.karing4u.blogspot.com

by Wendy Betterini -

When we begin to feel lost or confused about various aspects of our lives, our first instinct is to search for direction. We feel sure that the answers we need are out there somewhere, and finding them will help us to know the right way to turn.

While seeking advice and guidance from others can be helpful at times, it is not always the best way to help ourselves. Rather than relying on someone else to tell us our truth, we can instead choose to look within… Continue

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Time honoured for healthy living .."Health Tips" Part-2

Dear all,

Our ancestors have followed a number of simple time-tested methodologies as shown by our Scriptures, that ensure a disease free healthy and happy life. In this section we bring on....

All about foods:

The food that we intake has a humungous influence on our thoughts and behaviour. The nature of food -- saatvic, rajasic or tamasic goes a long way in characterizing our mind.

Based on the kind of food one consumes, one can keep his mind… Continue

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For all Sensitive,healers,intutuive and physchics

Posted by Sunhee Park Twinpsychics Distant Healing Group

I feel that i have to say this, as I see some people get anxiety or panic or feel that there is something seriously wrong with them. If you have any physical ailments, please know that mental stress contributes to the condition of them and the stagnation of the ailments. If you have a tootheache, and you go and talk to your ex boyfriend who abused you, how is that going to help your healing progress? Well, as long as you see… Continue

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We often find ourselves in the midst of conflicts with our family, friends, colleagues or even strangers. Conflict arises when we have a disagreement or a dispute. We have all experienced conflicts,, these are between individuals as mentioned above or even happen between nations, communities, business houses, ideologies and so on.

And then there are conflicts within the individual when we are in a dilemma, cannot make a decision, feel confused or unclear, and so on. Haven't you… Continue

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What is an aura

Posted by Cierra on SpiritWeb on ning Most people do not realize that they have a second skin—an energy “skin” called an aura that protects and shields their energy system just as physical skin protects their inner organs. Imagine what it would be like to have no skin. What would happen? Your organs would spill out onto the ground; your veins and arteries would sag and bulge. You would be defenseless against contaminants, germs and viruses. Your skin is a highly efficient protective layer… Continue

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The Earth Star Chakra

The earth star chakra is located aprox 3 foot, below your feet, this is a very important chaka and needs to opened when doing any form of spiritual work, this chakra when opened grounds and connects you to the earth, when opened it will connect you to the earths core and all of her magnetic fields and you will have a stong connection in to the heart of the earth. In it you will find some of your past life memories while you were hear in other incarnations these need to be cleared and then let… Continue

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The Base or Root Chakras



The base charkra is our grounding point within the physical body,It deals with are physcial survival here on the planet, in ancient times in animal man it was the point of power, the experience of this chakra was its a jungle out there, And we would do what ever we had to do to survive, remember there are no more dinosaurs , down here any more that we have to deal with. So this chakra over long periods of time has intergated the energy of survival. That… Continue

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Clearing Energy Vortex


This technique is very effective in clearing the energy field, or aura whichs surrounds the physical body, and can be done many times a day- before meditation, before sleep, after contact with other people, whenever the emotions are stired up.It also helpsto connect one with their soul level or higher consciousness.

1, Visualize a whirlwind of energy rotating in a clockwise motion,starting with the tip of the vortex about 6 or 7 feet(2 METERES) above… Continue

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Where has the child in us gone?

Some of the greatest lessons are taught by children. The following strings of thoughts can also be applied to that line. Life can be enjoyable if we become aware of the necessity of variety.

A child has the desire to have and appreciate variety in life. It does not think about the silliness or magnanimity of its thoughts about variety but just goes seeking for it.

Anyone who has observed a child for just five minutes would attest the fact that the child is continuously… Continue

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9-9-9 Activation of the Emerald Crystal of Healing

9-9-9 Activation Of The Emerald Crystal Of Healing By James Tyberonn Channeling Metatron

Posted by Christopher OV Staff

Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I welcome you once again to this NOW moment. Indeed a sacred moment in which I encircle each of you reading these words, in unconditional love. Masters, take a moment to feel, to allow, this energy to touch you. For I am Indeed with you, each of you, individually, and in real time.

The New Crystalline… Continue

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flight of FAITH of a tiny bird......if a little bird can so can we!!!???

Yesterday i watched a small bird, flying very fast, disappear into the canopy of an oak tree.

So dense were its leaves that it was impossible to see what happened next, though i can tell you it remained inside.

I wondered how the little bird found its opening through the leaves at such a speed and then managed to gently aligh its fragile body on the branch it chose to land upon, all within a fraction of a second. Not to mention the impossible to imagine flying maneuvers… Continue

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EET - Emotional Empowement Technique


When Is EET Useful?

* Disturbing emotions like fear, anger, worry, tension, anxiety, depression etc.

* Physical aches & pains or illnesses.


The reason behind all emotional disturbances is the disturbed energy system of the…


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Time honoured for healthy living .."Health Tips" Part-1

Dear All,

Our ancestors have followed a number of simple time-tested methodologies as shown by our Scriptures, that ensure a disease free healthy and happy life.

Introducing a new section to share this knowledge with you all....

1. Yogurt: Set curd (yogurt) is considered 'tamasic'. But Ayurvedic Shastra says, if one suffers from unstoppable hiccups, give it generously.

2. Nectar: What is nectar for the heavenly is buttermilk for… Continue

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Am I illuminating the world?

Can you taste a luscious recipe by reading a cookbook? Can you feel loved or in love by reading a love story? To know life, you must experience life hands on. Theories won't help.

Am I illuminating the world?

In order to answer yes, it is crucial to understand the dual nature of reality. Specifically, everything positive in this world is opposed by a corresponding negative power.

The purpose of spiritual work is nothing less than to illuminate the entire world… Continue

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