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Faith In, and for, The Furries

How A Spirit Changed the Mind of a Skeptic – Facilitators of My Spiritual Journey

If you have read any of my previous posts, you realize that I am an avid animal lover. I have been drawn to animals from a very young age. My mother tells stories of me, just shortly after I took my first steps, venturing toward all types of animals. My life has been blessed with a variety of furry and feathery beings. As soon as I was of age to get a part time job, I began working at the local… Continue

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Is that so? This must be the conclusion of one who has never romanced with life, who has no joy, thrill, excitement, and fun in life. Someone who was utterly frustrated with life and must have run away from life into the depth of jungle, away from humanity. So was my reaction when I first heard the concept – Life is Empty & Meaningless.

Destiny however, kept thrusting that concept on my face again & again in many ways, till I asked God how… Continue

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In our body Hand is very important, because thro hand only healing power pass to others. so first thro your hand do massage ur whole body, at the time your mind should cool and clean. how much you heal your self based on you get more power. this is one method. another method, thro eye u do heal yourself, for that u need mirror, when u see mirror at the time u see ur whole body. at the time daily five min, see ur eye thro mirror it give good effect.

when you heal others, dont see other eye… Continue

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Human power is very highest power in this universe. Everybody have 6th sense, but how much? no body knows, even science not having proper proof in this matter. why? Because still we are not use our power properly. we use only as a xerox, it means copy to copy. if we go like this surely we face so many problems. Healing means exchange some power to others, thro touching body and thro mind. This method we learn from mother than others. but we forget certain time and not develop this power. First… Continue

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Yoga as Sanskrit word suggests, means the 'union'. The union with the divine. To unite with the divine, we need to go nowhere, because the divine is within each one of us. We are born as an extension…

Yoga as Sanskrit word suggests, means the 'union'. The union with the divine. To unite with the divine, we need to go nowhere, because the divine is within each one of us. We are born as an extension of the divine. Unfortunately as we grow, we tend to forget who we are and we loose touch with the divinity within. We attempt to search this in the world outside.

Yoga is any such practice that facilitates the journey inwards. Healing is one such beautiful journey inwards. As we heal, we… Continue

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Memory Tips

A few memory and strategies tips

This will be helpful for those familiar with the Memory Books, the tips are designed to work with this book.

It is easier to memorize something if you associate an exaggerated image with it. But, it will work even better if you are involved in the image. For instance, when you think about the guy getting the medal pinned on him, either imagine that you are doing the pinning, or that the medal is being pinned on you.

-make the… Continue

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From Spirits, Psychics, and Mediums to Healers

How A Spirit Changed the Mind of a Skeptic – The Journey Continues

Just as I began to wrap my head around humans being able to communicate with spirit and to “know” things, I was hit with the hardest blow of my life. I mentioned in my former post that I moved from my spirit-inhabited home to be closer to my family. The reason for this was that my mother became very, very ill. After being frightenely sick for months, she underwent exploratory surgery and was diagnosed with an… Continue

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How a Spirit Changed the Mind of a Skeptic

NOTE: When you first read this blog post, you may wonder what it has to do with healing. I intend to get to that in my future blog posts. Please stay tuned, as it will all make sense in the end. It is just too much to post in one blog. Being a very analytical and left brained person, I have always lived my life having to have proof of things. It has been very difficult for me to wrap my mind around such things as ghosts, spirits, psychic ability, or the ability to heal by touch. I had seen… Continue

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Introduction to Quantum-Touch Healing

A couple of years ago, in 2007, I had worked on a client who had excruciating backache. She couldn’t sit, stand or lie down without extreme pain. Doctors had suggested surgery of spine, as according to them the pain was due to a pinched nerve. I had used hypnosis on her for Pain Management. She has been free of any back pain since then.

I came across a similar case recently, about 6 months ago. A lady who had been experiencing excruciating back pain since about 15 years, tried all… Continue

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Trees are Visible Gods ! - The Gular Fig.

Trees are Visible Gods ! – The Gular Fig.


English: Country Fig Tree

Sanskrit: ‘Ksheera Vriksha’


‘Hema Dugdha’

Telugu: ‘Medi Chettu’ (or)

‘Bodda Chettu’ (or)

‘Athi Chettu’.

Latin: Ficus racemosa ; Ficus glomerata

(Family: Moraceae)

This ‘Country Fig’ tree is also of divine nature ! In this there are two types viz.’ Sadharana Medi’ and ‘ Brahma Medi’. Both are having almost same… Continue

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Divine-a hindu story

There's a Hindu story about God and the angels talking about the creation of the planet. They're saying, "Now that we've got the earth and we've got the sky and the mountains and the rivers and the moon and the stars, now we will create man. Where shall we hide the truth of his being from him?

One of them said, "Let's hide it on the highest mountain top."

"No, eventually he will learn to scale the mountains, He will find it." God… Continue

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THE PROSPERITY GAME: Play Your Way to Prosperity

The Prosperity Game, first introduced by Abraham-Hicks (teachers of Deliberate Creation - http://www.abraham-hicks.com), is a simple, fun, and empowering way to activate one's ability to create prosperity -- from the inside-out.

Playing the game alone is a delicious experience, but when we gather together to play it with a group -- watch out! As Prosperity Partnership members have experienced first-hand, when you add the power of group energy sponsorship to such a dynamic system, the… Continue

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