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Still your mind

Close your eyes and sit still for a while. You will realise that only your body can be still but the mind will keep thinking about various thoughts. Some could be pleasant and some will not. 

Your thoughts are very potent energies and you may be wasting them away by thinking of people who may not matter to you and by thinking about something that could be irrelevant in…


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Thank your big sister today

There are so many things a big sister does for the younger siblings that maybe no one else can do or even think of doing.

Simply roll back in the years of happiness when your elder sister did something special for you and you didn’t even care for it.

With this post, we might give you some strong reasons to thank your big sister today.

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She is the firewall that keeps your parents anger away from you

If you have made a mistake, you might…


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What I learnt from cricket about Life

You win some, you lose some: In Life Everything will not go in your favor, you will win sometimes, and you will lose sometime. Do not lose your heart, learn from defeat and stay grounded when you win and thank almighty
·         Score singles, when Boundaries don’t come: Sometimes life is hard on us, we have to wait for right things to happen, fall all the pieces in perfect place, we have to wait for it. Don’t stop scoring singles, keep taking small steps. That…

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Back To Basic

Back to Basics

Sharing with you all blessed people, my attempt to look at life from another perspective.

Hope you like my writing, Clik on link above for free Android App download.

 Stay blessed

Hiren Mehta


Back to Basics…


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How to address allergies?

Allergy is a state where one becomes hypersensitive in their immune response towards certain inhaled, ingested or environmental substances coming in contact with the the body. Most of these allergens (Substances, people are allergic to) are harmless to other healthy individuals. 

Most allergies are acquired over a period of time and some of them are…


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