Chakras of the Fourth Dimension

The Eighth Chakra

The first of the spiritual chakra, numbered eight, sits above the 7th chakra about 8 to 10". It is the energy center of divine love, of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. It also is the chakra that holds your karmic residue -- those energy patterns that you have held on to for more than one lifetime. When the eighth center begins to open up and expand, a new spiritual awareness begins to take shape. The individual begins to sense himself or herself as part of a larger community of people and beings. This chakra is the gateway to other ideas, concepts and abilities. This center enables the individual to achieve advanced out of body projection, spiritual perception, and spiritual wisdom. I use the word spiritual here because these abilities and ideas are larger than the self and the earth. They go beyond the mundane and are concerned with healing of the planet and the self in regards to the Universe and ALL-THAT-IS.
Now, you may not understand why this center holds your karmic residue, so let's explore this a bit, as when I get into the healing aspect of this chakra you will need to understand its significance. This center is the gateway to your Self as it expands past the planet. Thus, this chakra is the last energy center that holds anything human within it. It, therefore, becomes the temple of human cleansing and the releasing of patterns that are lifetimes old and worn out. These patterns are the last of what holds you to the reincarnation system and your humanness and keeps you from uniting with higher powers, beings, and ideas. When this center opens up, you not only begin to take on an awareness to this larger community of energies, but you begin to shed those patterns that have kept you rooted to the planet. This shedding is a natural process, as once this center is awakened, the individual is ready to let go of his/her humanity and grasp onto something larger, much more wonderful, and infinitely divine.

Because of this strong karmic connection, when this center opens, it is not without its duress. How much friction is encountered will depend on what the individual has to let go of. It is said that once you open the door to spirit you are forever changed and can't go back. Well the opening of this chakra and all its goodies is where this saying comes from. Once this chakra opens you become aware of yourself as part of the universe and not just a part of your small corner of the world. You start to become aware of information on new levels of awareness and intuition. You have to let go of those old outworn human ideas about yourself and the planet, this is the first shock, and how you handle this depends on who you are and how well you take to change. Also, at the same time that you have to deal with all this new information about yourself and the universe, you have to deal with new psychic abilities. (Though I dislike the term psychic. Spiritual abilities would be a much better term.) These new abilities and awareness can make you feel alienated and ungrounded from the planet, for a time, until the natural ground in the Foot Chakra opens up and reseats the individual. For this reason, a good Foot Chakra cleansing would be a great way to help a person that is exhibiting the eighth center coming alive.

Now because karma is involved here, any kind of healing that can bring out and clear past life trauma or patterns will help the individual. However, keep in mind that as soon as you do clear away any of these old patterns, the individual will experience an acceleration in spiritual abilities. It would be a good idea, in a week or so, after such a healing, that you follow up with a Foot Chakra clearing, to facilitate the passing of these more intense energies. As this chakra clears the individual will pass much more spiritual energy very quickly and is apt to become overwhelmed easily.

Let's deal with some of the more specifics of this chakra. A good healing mantra to use with this center would be the phrase MA-AH-ZOD. This phrase can help to clear karmic residues out of this center. Focusing or chanting this phrase to yourself while doing a healing, will assist you in pulling the energy down that you need to process the chakra. Another mantra for this chakra is DEE-EE-OH. This mantra helps the chakra to open and become more aware of these new spiritual energies that are passing through it.

Mantras are very important when working with these spiritual energy centers because a mantra will unlock the energy needed to complete a healing on these levels. When you heal these spiritual centers, your lower chakras (zero to seven) become grounding points and are not specifically used to shape or invoke the needed energy. Except, perhaps, the heart chakra and a bit of the crown chakra. The heart chakra can awaken slightly, in this kind of healing, if need be, to transmute any spiritual-negativity (karmic waste) that may leak down in the process. The crown chakra remains slightly active to serve as a portal through which your body-bound consciousness can reach up to these spiritual centers.

The eighth chakra does have a color associated to it and it is what you consider to be ultraviolet light. Unfortunately you are unable to see what ultraviolet light looks like (at least not with your conventional vision). However, to give you a way to perceive ultraviolet light in a mundane sense, you could imagine a very deep violet light being interpenetrated with spiraling bands of green in it.

All chakras possess a certain number of vortices. But, the actual number of vortices that the upper chakras possess is a bit of a tricky matter, as they are not as set-in-stone as in the lower chakras. However, I will give you a guide to follow here. The eighth chakra can have anywhere from 6000 to 10,000 spokes. The actual number will depend on how open that chakra is. For example, a barely-functioning eighth chakra will have 6000 of these vortices. A fully open one will have nearly 10,000. The more open the chakra, the faster the chakra spins and the greater number of vortices that will be visible (assuming that you could count these spokes, if you could see them, that is).

The odd numbered twin for the 8th chakra is the 7th. It is in the 7th chakra that the programs to be used by the 8th reside. The 7th center traditionally is the chakra that connects you to your higher self and to divinity. In a sense this is true as the 7th center contains the guide to what you need to do to connect with these higher energies and to evolve yourself. Now, it isn't actually until the 8th Chakra begins to open up and become active that the individual can avail himself/herself of these programs and of the ability to ascend. Until then, the programs remain dormant and the individual will sense a kind of connection to the divine through the 7th Chakra, but the reality of it will seem vague at best. This vague quality to divinity is the reason why, when a person finally does open up the 8th center, a true sense of divinity sets in. The reality of what was once a vague notion now becomes a full-blown reality -- often just as real as the physical one. Confusion often follows, because the individual's reality is now much larger. What was fake is now real, and the physical world will seem a bit smaller.

It's tough to spot a problem with the 8th chakra, if that chakra is remaining closed due to some fear, as the individual will otherwise seem healthy, from a physical standpoint. However, if a person is trying to evolve past the human condition, but for some reason can not, the 8th center is being held closed by some fear. For example, let's say a person desires to learn how to out of body travel, or, perhaps, they want to learn how to become more lucid in dreams, or, maybe, they want to develop the healing gifts. However, no matter how hard this person tries, he or she is unable to accomplish his or her spiritual goal. These are clear signs that the person wants to and is trying to ascend, but the 8th chakra is remaining closed. Anytime an individual reaches to develop some extraordinary ability, an ability that goes beyond themselves or others or puts them into contact with the divine community, it shows that the person is ready to advance and open up these higher centers. If a real fear exists here, the 8th chakra will remain closed, and it may be necessary to go in and pull that fear out, so that the chakra can open up and the ascending individual can expand. A good 8th chakra clearing can be just the thing to help here, especially, if the healer doing the clearing already has several of the spiritual chakra awakened.

Please note that it is not a good idea for a person with a closed 8th chakra to try to open up that center in another individual. If it could be done, there could be adverse effects. Suffice it to say that anyone that has healing abilities, out of body capability, clairvoyance, or even in- depth dream recall, most likely has a functioning 8th chakra and will be able to do work on this chakra. It is possible, however, to open up your own 8th chakra, if it is closed, by using the given mantras. Then, you may be able to open up another person's 8th chakra.

Now, when the 8th chakra opens up, so too does some spiritual abilities. How many of these abilities and to what degree will vary from individual to individual. Clairvoyance, out of body travel, advanced dream-recall capabilities, healing gifts, telepathy, even empathy are all abilities that this center is responsible for activating. Naturally, the programming for this stuff sits in the 7th center. So, if there is a problem with any one of these abilities but not the others, then you may have to look at the 7th chakra for the cause. However, keep in mind that when a person's 8th center begins to open, they may only see a glimmer of these abilities. They may not become full blown until the 9th, 10th, 11th, and even the 12th chakras are open. In other words, when the individual's 8th chakra awakens, they will only experience these abilities but not have any great control over them, and their surfacing may be sporadic at best.

The treatment here is to advise the individual that they are not going crazy, but that latent abilities are just starting to open. Advise them to look at these new gifts as a kind of cool game and to play with them in a very simple manner. Clearing fear out of the 8th chakra can help greatly for the person, if these abilities seem to be causing any great duress.

Also, the 8th chakra holds much karmic residue. The newly ascending individual will have to shed some of this karma, so that the other centers can awaken. Helping the individual to understand that they may be dealing with karmic issues and that these issues should be dealt with can release much tension, fear, or even the karma itself. Again, a good clearing of the 8th chakra will help greatly here, especially if the karma that has to be cleared is very old, repaid karma that just is lying around, as is often the case. This karma would naturally clear over time, but that clearing process can be quickened by a professional healer or by doing personal work on the 8th chakra.

The Ninth Chakra

The ninth chakra is an interesting chakra in that it is in this chakra that all the Christ abilities lie dormant, waiting to be released and used in the outer and inner worlds. The shift in focus at this time is toward that Christ energy and the accompanying abilities that go along with it. Hence, a great deal of work and energy is now being sent into physical reality to help the individual open up and expand this energy center. The ninth chakra, like the others, have some hard specs, and we will start our discussion here.
The ninth chakra sits above the head about 2 feet. It is the first hardwired chakra that I am covering, so to speak, and it's fluidic twin is the tenth chakra. The number of spokes that the ninth chakra possesses varies (like in the eighth chakra), and its exact number will depend on how open the chakra is. These spokes range in number from 10,000 to 20,000. Each spoke is actually a filament or a series of filaments (see introductory chapter on the spiritual chakra for a refresher on filaments). When most of these filaments are wired properly and the chakra begins to open, this chakra emits a radiant energy that looks like a spinning rainbow. Depending on what skills a person is presently pulling out of this skill-storehouse, for use in the outer world, will determine the predominate color emanating from this chakra; so assigning a particular color to this chakra tends to be meaningless.

If you haven't guessed by now, this chakra holds the karmic blueprint of the individual. It stores the skills and abilities learned in all lifetimes. This chakra also holds the key to the soul's destiny. You see! The evolving human soul can be broken down into three main types or blueprints: the Creator, the Healer, and the Teacher. Any individual can fit into any one or more of these soul categories. The predominant category will determine where the soul is headed after the human-condition is complete. It also will determine the slant of the lifetimes lived for the individual and the kind of skills that are stored in the ninth chakra. For example, the Healer blueprint will be different than the blueprint for the Creator. The Healer blueprint will have far more lifetimes spent in some kind of healing capacity, and the skills stored there will reflect this area of expertise. Whereas the Creator blueprint will have far more lifetimes spent in the creation of things, like artwork, carpentry, organizations, families, etc., and here there will be a great number of these kinds of skills stored here.

Realizing that this chakra can be of one of three types comes in handy, so that you avoid the trap of thinking that this chakra is not functioning because its energy output seems variable. There are subtle energy differences with each blueprint; and, as you do more healings on this chakra, you will become aware of the energy subtleties of each type. For example, you will find the Teacher blueprint the most intense, as these individuals are slated to be working directly with the human community. Hence, these people tend to have a massive number of lifetimes and skills stored here. Anytime you feel a very powerful and full ninth chakra, speculate that this person has a Teacher blueprint.

The Creator and Healer blueprint are much less intense due to the reduced number of lifetimes that are required to be lived for the development of this blueprint; however, keep in mind that I am speaking generally here. The point is not to let the intensity of this chakra fool you into thinking that something could be wrong, especially if the first few people that you work on are of the Teacher blueprint.
Now, as I already stated, the ninth chakra is the knowledge-base for the soul. It houses all the information and life-experiences that are part of that individual. The individual accesses this chakra when he or she brings forth a past skill that is presently needed. These previous skills become very important as the individual begins to awaken spiritually and the higher-chakra open. Many of the past lessons and skills must be merged in a kind of synthesis that cements together all of the lessons (human and spiritual) that the soul has endured. The soul then learns the true meaning of what was being accomplished from the entire human experience and, then, finally, spiritual wisdom sets in.

All is well and good with this chakra as long as these past lessons stored here are completed properly. However, what occasionally occurs is that one or two of these lessons are not properly learned or put into perspective, and then the corresponding hardwire connection in this chakra is not complete. When the person goes to access this particular needed knowledge, it will either be retrieved incompletely or not at all. That person then can not tie together the lessons from those experiences. Without a proper bond between all influences, the individual will he held back from ascending. A healing in this chakra may be necessary to properly wire up various aspects of the individual, to free that person from the limitations imposed on the incorrect wiring. Once the filament is wired properly, the person will have access to this knowledge and can then progress on upward in a free and easy manner.

For example, a person with a Teacher blueprint will need to bring forth the knowledge of healing, at some point, so that they can instruct other healers. If this filament is wired incorrectly, due to some past life trauma in one of the healing lifetimes, this person will not be able to access this skill and thereby be unable to learn the value of healing the self and others. This inability to heal could stop this person from going any further. A simple healing of the ninth chakra is all that is needed to free the person from this limitation. Make note that the specific trauma causing the incorrectly wired filament is immaterial; because most likely the trauma has been cleared already.

You see! The clearing of a trauma does not necessarily wire up the specific skill. The wiring of a skill in the ninth chakra occurs naturally when a person reaches the point where the knowledge of a particular skill turns to wisdom. However, if for some reason the person is unable to complete the transition of knowledge to wisdom, due to some kind of trauma in that lifetime, the filament will not get wired up. The trauma then may be healed in a subsequent lifetime, but in that subsequent lifetime that person may not be engaged in that particular skill. Here, in this example, the trauma gets cleared, but the filament remains incorrectly wired, due to the skill not being applied when the wisdom occurred. A healing of this chakra will most
certainly fix this problem because all that has to occur is the filament being placed in its proper place. The knowledge will then be released.

When you heal this chakra you will most certainly be in a trance and will see some kind of intricate soul-circuitry, if you have inner vision. The mantra to use here is EL-EE-TEE. It will lock you into this chakra and enable you to work with it. Hold one hand over the patient's heart chakra and the other on the patient's brow chakra, while reciting this mantra. When you feel yourself accessing a web of intricate connections, you are there. Now, try to feel for the connection (either in your minds eye or by sensing the energy of the pathways) and when you get to the improperly wired filament, feel or see yourself putting this filament back to its proper place. Then, check to see if the energy feels or looks right. Then, if all seems well, return to normal consciousness and withdraw your energy.

The healing of a hardwire chakra is relatively easy, once you get the knack of it. These healings go quickly and do not take a great deal of energy in the process. All you are doing here is putting into place an energy strand that was not put in properly. There is no balancing or closing that has to get done either. You go in, find the strand, put it in its place, and leave. Done!

The Tenth Chakra

When the tenth chakra starts to open up the individual will begin to manifest many of the skills they have learned in all of their previous lives. These individuals will seem to excel at anything they undertake and any project they are involved with will take off from their influence. It is not that they are just good at doing everything. Rather they are tapping into previous skills learned in past lives. The barriers between the past selves are breaking down and knowledge and wisdom begins to flow through time and space.
Typically this chakra is responsible for divine creativity, synchronicity of life, the merging of the masculine and feminine within. How do these emerging skills relate to these qualities? Well it is these emerging skills and the taping of previous lives that make all these elements come about. Divine creativity is the ability to create all facets of your life in perfect harmony. When this harmony starts to manifest the individual's life just clicks. It will seem as if this person is always in the right place at the right time. Divine energy is flowing out of the chakra and into the individual and bringing perfection into everything he or she does. And because taping into past lives does not discriminate between male or female lifetimes, the individual will begin to merge the masculine and feminine within themselves. This merging brings even more harmony into a person's life because they are not prone to either the masculine or feminine energy or the faults that each of those polarities tends to bring up. A gender balance exists within the person and the individual is free to tap into the best that each energy polarity has to offer.
These individuals will not seem overly masculine or feminine in nature; they will just be neutral in qualities, from an outside perspective that is. Of course it can take years for this kind of transformation to occur in an individual, when that person's tenth chakra starts to open up. They will not just wake up one day and be neutral. The individual has to let go of the previous polarity they were prone to leaning toward and begin to embrace the new neutral energies within them. Keep this in mind when working on a patient and you sense that the tenth chakra is starting to open. You may want to advise them that gentle changes in either their masculine or feminine side may begin to occur over the next several years and there is nothing to worry about, it is quite normal.

Also this masculine and feminine neutralizing has little to do with sexual predisposition. Nor should there be any change in the sexual alignment in that person's life. You are not going to be attracted to men if before you were attracted to women. However the individual may find it easier to relate to the other sex as the masculine and feminine merge within them.

So what sort of problems are you apt to find with this chakra? Well for one, many ninth chakra problems will show up when the tenth chakra starts to open. Remember! The odd number chakras contain the skills that are used in the following one. For this reason you most likely will not begin to do healings on the ninth chakra till the tenth starts to awaken. You see, it is when the individual tries to use these past life skills (contained in the ninth chakra) that the problems show. The filaments in the ninth chakra are not wired properly so when the individual tries to access a past life skill, they have great difficulty. At this point you would need to go in and do a healing on the ninth chakra and then the skill would develop normally in that person's life.

For example, let's say a person with an opening tenth chakra has a deep urge to take up painting. They try to develop this skill but it just comes very slowly and much frustration is there. Other aspects of this person's life are developing normally; it just seems that when they try to acquire this skill it is not as forthcoming as any other ones. Well in this case a ninth chakra problem exists and a healing there will be necessary. However if the person was able to grasp the skill quite easily but was unable to use that skill in harmony, then a tenth chakra problem exists.

It is the tenth chakra that is responsible for integrating the skill into the person's daily life. If that skill is there but this skill presents an integration problem in that person's life, creating disharmony in some way, then some aspect of the tenth chakra is not functioning properly. Most likely there are energy blocks in this chakra and so the synchronicity of life is not fully developed. Fear is the thing that can block a tenth chakra. Some remaining fear associated with that skill from that past life still remains in the energy field. You may have to do a past life healing to remove the last of this fear and bring the tenth chakra to full functioning. If you have good inner sight these blocks may show up as small disturbances that seem to float over the spinning chakra. These energy disturbances cause the energy to slow down the swirling outward effect that this chakra has on the entire being.

The tenth chakra can be seen like a tornado of light filling the individual with perfect divine energy. A fully functional tenth chakra will have a rainbow like effect coming from its swirling mass of energy. If any blockages are present these disturbances of blocked energy will cause the rainbow effect to be broken up. Then individual is not fully bathed in the integration energies of the tenth chakra.
The tenth chakra is most like the heart charka in the lower chakra system. The heart chakra takes all the energy from the other chakras and processes it so that it can be used physically. The tenth chakra takes all the energy from all the other spiritual chakra and transforms it so the individual can use the energies from the spiritual chakras in harmony with one's life. For this reason, any kind of spiritual disharmony that may exist in a spiritually awakened individual can most likely be caused by blockages in the tenth chakra. For example, the inability to integrate the masculine and feminine currents, unable to use an advanced spiritual skill properly, fear of acquiring some skill that is currently needed, unable to get along with others or accept others especially those that are spiritually awakened, feeling threatened by certain advanced nonphysical skills like out of body travel.

Please note that even though I have not talked about advanced spiritual skill development (which is covered in the eleventh chakra) it is the tenth chakra's job to integrate those skills into the individual in a harmonious manner. So any advanced spiritual skills that are developed that the person can tap but that person may have some fear or inability to apply this skill, would fall into a tenth chakra problem.
Healing the tenth chakra involves removing the blockages that may be here and lifting any fear that may reside there as well. Light is especially useful with this chakra. Hold a very intense blue light in your mind as you work on this chakra. This light will sooth and remove all the rough spots and have a calming effect on the individual.

The tenth chakra is located eight to ten feet on top of the crown chakra, so you can't really access this chakra like a normal chakra. Position yourself over the heart chakra and imagine your nonphysical hands extending through this chakra and up to the tenth chakra. Then send the healing energy into this chakra while holding on to the inner vision of the energy going through the heart chakra to the tenth chakra. Energy follows intent, and the heart chakra is a close cousin to the tenth chakra, so it makes an easy place to access this energy center.

If you use crystals in your healing work, dousing a heart chakra with the intent of dousing the tenth chakra may not work. You may just douse the heart chakra. You will have to construct a crystal transformer to energy-up to the tenth chakra. Take three to six small crystals and place in a circle around the heart chakra. Then take your dousing crystal on the string and hover it over the center of the crystal circle. With this method your patient may think you have gone clear out of your mind, but it should allow you to read and work on the tenth chakra using a dousing crystal.

Keep in mind that the tenth chakra is the heart chakra of the spiritual chakra system. If you have faults or blocked up energy here, the entire spiritual chakra will suffer. So if you see lots of small energy problems with the eighth, ninth, eleventh and the twelfth chakra suspect an energy conversion problem with the tenth chakra. Use the blue light or perhaps some crystals (working through the heart chakra) to heal and balance this chakra. Also it would be a good idea to see this patient again six weeks later to see if any other healing work needs to be done in this chakra. The tenth chakra has layers to it. You heal one and the next one will come up several weeks later for healing. Once all the layers are healed you will most likely not need to see the patient for a long time.

The Eleventh Chakra

The eleventh and the twelfth chakra are quick movers. For example, it could take 15 years for the eight to tenth chakra to fully open, however the eleventh and the twelfth chakra can completely open in as little as two to four years each. By the time the individual gets to this stage in his or her evolution they are on the fast track. Most of the hard work is behind them, and all that is left is final integration and merging with the Monadic Self. The eleventh chakra begins the ascension process on an energy level within the individual.

This chakra contains the energetic connections necessary so the individual can manifest advanced spiritual skills, like, travel beyond the limits of time and space, teleportation, bi-location, telekinesis and instantaneous precipitation of thoughts into matter. Keep in mind that while this chakra possesses these skills the individual will not actually start to manifest or master these skills until the twelfth chakra starts to open.

The reason for this advanced skill development is not so the person possesses some neat tricks. No, the reason these skills exist is to help prepare the individual for the next phase of his or her existence after ascension. The eleventh chakra contains the path of the Soul in its new form without the restrictions of matter, time and space. It is a glimpse of the Soul in its ascended form while still retaining much of the physical matter. Notice I use the capital "S" for Soul. At this stage in the development of the individual the soul is merging with the Soul. The soul is often referred to as the individual's core self without a physical body. The Soul is the individual's self that has learned all the physical lessons and has merged with the Monadic Self.

When the eleventh chakra starts to open the individual will become aware of the larger picture of his multidimensional self: that his or her existence in physical reality is just one manifestation of many simultaneous other existences on other planes of existence. This explanation gives a hint to what awaits the individual after ascension: the working toward becoming conscious on all planes of existence, not just one or two.

When this awakening to the larger self begins the individual may get glimpses of his experience in these other dimensions. It can be a bit confusing to the individual if they are unaware of what is happening. For a time they may think they are losing a grip on their reality. However these sporadic incidences into larger dimensions are normal at this stage of development. The Soul is waking up in the physical self and starting to introduce the individual gradually to what awaits him or her.

As a result of this expanse in consciousness, many healings on this chakra will deal with helping the individual cope with the changes in his or her experiences beyond the physical. It's important that this chakra open in a gradual and even manner, else the individual be thrust into what seems like a chaotic existence. Gentle rose light or rose quartz can help here to soften the opening of this chakra. Normally the opening and integration of this chakra should go fine, but some individuals have been in the habit of pushing themselves hard throughout their evolutionary process. So when they come to this stage in their development it seems like nothing is happening. They respond by pushing even harder, when in fact a great deal is occurring. This reason is why rose light to the eleventh chakra can help greatly. It introduces the energy of self love and that everything is as it should be. It allows the individual to trust what is happening and to just go with the flow of it all. Most of this unrest occurs in the first year or so that this chakra opens up. After that period the individual will be much more accustomed to the changes.
Now working on the eleventh chakra takes some trick like healing the tenth, as the eleventh chakra is located 15 feet over the head of the individual. Place one hand on the heart chakra and the other hand on the solar plexus. Imagine and feel yourself moving upward though the individual to the eleventh chakra. Let the rose light flow into this chakra. In fact you should always start and finish a healing on this chakra with this rose light. If you want to place crystals around the heart chakra, as you did for the tenth chakra, you can do this as well to help rev-up to the higher chakra. Rose quartz would really do well placed around the heart charka but clear quartz can be used too. Typical eleventh chakra problems (besides the one mentioned earlier) will deal with the implementation of advanced spiritual skills. Keep in mind that these skills won't really manifest till the twelfth chakra starts to open, but once it does, you will have to go in and try to rewire the particular skill that seems to be erratic.

This rewiring technique is very similar to what was discussed in the article on the ninth chakra. The key phrase to use to help lock into this chakra is NEE-PEE-TAH. Vibrate the name silently till you start to see the inner circuitry with your inner sight or your hands start to move making the connections. When you feel the healing is finished then seal the chakra with rose light. Tell the patient to take it easy for the next few days as the rewiring work settles into the person's energy field. No apparent results may be immediately seen. Typically a healing on the eleventh chakra will take one to four weeks to affect the individual on a physical level, and then an even improvement will be seen over time. If necessary you can repeat an eleventh chakra healing but no sooner than six to eight weeks from the previous healing.

The eleventh chakra is the spiritual library of the individual. In that library are the total contents that he or she will need to operate as a human and divine. Sometimes that content has to be put into order or some housekeeping done. Think of your work on this chakra like a librarian in a library: you are there to put things in order but not to change anything you find.

The 12th Chakra

It is thus. Upon your Earth now many beings have descended who will be representing themselves in new ways. They are authentic and real. They are being born; others that were born are finding they have extra chakras - twelve and thirteen - with which to operate on Earth. Some will be sixty years old and appear half their age; you will know, then, that you are in the energy system of a mighty one.

All who look on, these days, are consistently amazed at the changing persons, Earth politics, wars and problems. Although some problems have been with you for generations, new ones take the forefront. They will be solved seemingly overnight. These solutions will come from these special humans on Earth who see things differently, who have different contacts, who feel at different levels than most humans and can (1) deeply understand; (2) deeply empathize; and (3) through meditation, change, empower and correct things in days.
Although most of the persons in metaphysical work do not have these powers, you will find a handful who do and who have been working silently behind the scenes for a long time. Heed their wisdom as they enter the public eye. Their knowledge is exemplary, their healings evident, their communications truthful and their daily lives simple. Almost without fail they will live in the country because the country allows chakras twelve and thirteen to become activated, and most of these persons have operated since birth with eleven chakras.

It has been evident since these persons were born that they are servers and that there is great need to heed them today. Their early lives will be characterized by unusual events like skipped grades, early graduations or solitary childhoods, and this preparatory time sets them up for the activation of chakras twelve and thirteen in later life. Examples of this activation will be seen around the Earth plane today. This most surely will begin in 1995-96 in the separating out of the truly spiritual servers from the servers in other areas, such as the angelic and other readers of humans. The likely place most of these persons will serve and fit is in spiritual work, with a few politicians, scientists and speakers who will achieve worldwide renown, and those who stay home and write words for your learning. There are no pat rules, but to follow a twelve - thirteen - chakra - system human is to have a jolly chase, as they will certainly get things rolling in Earth ways as well as in spiritual ways. Discernment here is of great value because their work will be diversified and seemingly spread out over the broader scene. This diversification itself is more than most humans could cope with, as business beings are business-oriented. But a strong spiritual component will exist in these beings, for they need that for personal replenishment and contact with their inner selves, as well as with those whose outreached arm they become. They stand tall at 5’4" and this becomes a telling point that he or she who stays in the house only to channel for others by twelve-thirteen-chakra standards is unidimensional. This pattern of diversity is well documented by the higher beings who guide Earthplane servers.

Twelve-chakra humans create large spaces in their lives for communications, not with other humans but with other twelve-chakra beings, so learn from them - they are teachers as well as servers.
Their demeanors will unhesitatingly be of great energy and accomplishment. They will often be born under Aries, but with ascendents in Capricorn, Aquarius or Sagittarius to allow diversity.
These are the major indications of twelve-chakra systems, but if you live around one for a while you will know that each of their lives is a major event.

Others look on in astonishment, but be thankful if you have one in your area: they will be yeast and seed for great favor and spirituality in the area. As the time arrives for these twelve-thirteen-chakra persons to come to the fore, learn from them; see them as who they are; help them; encourage their way on Earth; seek them for your own edification; bend to their teachings and advice; know in your heart your contact to them.

They will lead you to wholeness, fulfillment and great spirituality. Your life will turn into a whole one on Earth plane, representing not only spiritual growth all the way to your limit, but taking your potential to its highest service; this is another component of their service. Heed their words and lives! Many of them will have two or three different lives during one lifetime and get on top of each life effectively.
These will change your world. Fight them not. Join them. They are always loving, naïve and very creative - allow them to give their service for your benefit and see your lives self-actualized and transformed. With these twelve-beings, head-intellectual contacts do not work. You must learn at their door. Come with open hearts and be open to learning their style - with them you will fly to the heights of true spirituality while serving in your area of potential. Let it begin to wind out its way on Earth plane, for it is ordained. Long lives in exceptional service they will live and give - know who they are and go to them for your own edification. It will benefit your hearts, heads and souls in great ways toward total self-transformation. Be likewise open and ready to learn as you enter their space. Pilgrimages to them will be worth whatever they cost, worth their weigh in the finest gold. As you leave them to return to your home places you will be replenished spiritually; revitalized physically; rejuvenated in service; and refreshed by a glimpse of how Earth would be if all would merely change their attitudes, begin loving the Earth and each other, pull together rather than apart, and make haste to do these things, for time is of the essence.
It is a simple message we give, and the twelves understand it wholly. Go to them for teaching and transforming. Be in touch with your inner core and know your own way.

Dr Darius H Umrigar MD ( AM )

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Comment by Tracy on April 23, 2018 at 9:30am

This post was an amazing eye-opener.  Thank you for the awesome information.  Many Blessings!~

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