Addressing Resistance in one of the easiest ways possible!

Every once in a while an idea comes along which is so brilliant and yet seems so tough to implement because of the nature of its complexity. This is not that time. Behold! A new and improved way to address resistance, and it's SO easy to do.

This involves simply recognizing the point of botheration/resistance/painful issue....

Let me illustrate with an example. Imagine a table that becomes the place holder for every tidbit at home that doesn't have a place of its own. Pieces of paper, plastic bags, books, files, stray pens and pencils....soon added on are piles of clean laundry set aside to be put away at some point, an impulse shopping purchase that you've been meaning to use right away... you get the picture.

From a neat, clean, empty surface, the table is now a pyramid of neatly but copiously stacked potpourri of things. You can't get to any one thing without disturbing much of the rest of the piles. So what's the course of action? Ignore it. Sure, but now those neatly stacked piles seem more like a mess to you, and it's begun to bother you. A lot.

Now you can't even look at that table any more, and avoid looking at it as much as you can. However, you do know it's there. Not looking at it doesn't mean it's magically sorted itself out.  

What's the next course of action? Simply acknowledge it's there, and remove all that's piled on there, piece by piece and voila! Clean table and no more dust traps.

All you did was simply recognize, and once you got the awareness, you acted differently, all else fell into place after that.

Imagine how simple it would be if we did that for all the problems we faced?  Here's how.

A group of us got together in a webinar to address resistance, and simply address whatever was the cause of our individual resistance. By recognizing and affirming what we had resistance towards, it seemed to affect the entire group. In fact, many of us who were not physically present, also felt the positive changes in our own spaces.

It was so powerful an experience that we had to share it with the rest of the world. If you are reading this, prepare to feel the shift within, and for life to get so much better once all the resistances within are addressed and recognized.

Please do listen in to this webinar by clicking on the link below, should you wish, please request me and I will include a transcription of the webinar in the comments.

Webinar on Addressing Resistance

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