Be Divine, Be Intuitive, Be Cosmic...


We all come here with individual programming to explore the reality of this world called Earth in our own ways. Once here, we somehow forget and manage to get lost in the unending alleys of the survival and personal dramas. At times we realize the reason for being here and regain the path but mostly, we manage to overlook the crux of our being. The purpose for which we are here for, the experience of being something more than what we are, much more than what we appear to be, and even greater, being the Divine channel of purpose to help our fellow human beings to present ourselves in a packaged form to help them discover what they are...


Looking back in time, I now realize that I was fortunate enough to be guided to the right things, for the right action, at the right time, with the right people, needed for me in that very right moment. I have never doubted any act of Universe except a couple where I felt that I must have needed to learn something in that challenging situation. Trusting my intuition and guidance has been a God gift since I was born. Time and again, my life has presented me with the proofs of depending on my inner self for guidance than others.


The latest one, was in straight face with my God...and I learnt that even if God is standing in front of you and asking you to do something, don't take it for face value. Trust your intuition, follow it and do not rest until you have uncovered the Truth. Which is only true for you, others may have a different reality and a different truth. Stand for your reality, your truth. You are not meant and sent here to be cloned. There is a coded purpose in everyone’s being in this time and space. Question everything, judge nothing. After all, what you are experiencing is a journey! A journey to discover yourselves, through others as you choose to remain blinded by your masks, i.e., to help yourselves and others to uncover your masks as you uncover theirs. There is a purpose, a light, an intent and a learning in every act.


Choose to see the light, not the darkness.

Choose to play the Messiah, not the devil.

Choose to trust the intuition, not voices.


For they are there to make your path more difficult if you deviated from your commitment. Finally, in the end, this way or the other, it will all trickle down to the deepest learning of your being. Be yourself, be the divine gift that you are meant to be, be ready to be unwrapped as a surprize for each one, giving them what they need in the moment, be the Universe of unlimited possibilities and endless potential to experience what a beautiful piece of creation you are...

Be Divine...

Be Intuitive…

Be Cosmic…

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