Reg #: ZK/003
Therapist: Zimmy Khan
Client Name: LMN (Name Changed)
Sex: Female
Age: 32 years
Nationality: South African
Presenting Issue: Bike racing performance enhancement
Therapies: Energy/PAB/Higher Self Union/
Suggestions & Affirmations

Initial Consultation – 18/02/09
Client is a professional bike racer and would like to enhance her performance so that she can do better at races. Currently she is able to complete the race but is not among the front runners, she would like to be among the first 50 to complete the race, if not better (the races usually have thousands of participants, so first 50 is considered excellent performance especially for a woman). She feels that she lacks confidence, calmness, focus & also has some fears (injury/sabotage) which need to be addressed. Due to this she feels that she herself comes in her way to success.

Session 1 – 21/02/09
• Radical Healing: Chakra Analysis & Affirmations.
• Energy cleansing: Removing Negative energy, energizing with positive energy & balancing/shielding chakras.

Session 2 – 27/02/09
• FE release/exchange.

Session 3– 05/03/09
• PAB/VOID to address inner child making her not do well at the races, causing her fear and lack of focus. Revealed that as a child her mother was always telling her that she’s mediocre, not the best. Aligned parent/child/adult personalities and filled void of not being good enough with confidence, focus and self belief.

Session 4– 15/03/09
• Took her into higher self presence, called her racing idol (L. A.) into the space, put LMN into his body, made her feel and think how he does before and during a race. Downloaded all the abilities from him that lead to him winning bike racing grand prix every year. Handed over all fear, lack of confidence, focus to Higher Self to neutralize.

Session 5– 23/03/09
• Suggestions & affirmations recorded and given to Victoria to listen to ever day for at least 21 days.

• 2 months after the 5th session, LMN took part in a huge race in South Africa and came 18th over all and was 3rd among women (she would have been thrilled just to be among top 50 overall). She was overjoyed with this immense enhancement in her racing performance.

Client’s Testimonial (30/04/09)
Zimmy –
It must be every athletes dream to arrive on the start line calm, focused, alert, aware of the competition yet at ease with their presence, knowing that you are fully prepared in both mind and body. This culminates in a peacefulness, born of humble confidence and the knowledge that you have all the resources you would ever need to be gracefully and naturally victorious.
When competing at this level, it’s not just about training your physical body, mental preparation plays a huge role in the race especially when racing against well-seasoned professionals and all their associated team support. In cycling, your body is placed under immense physical pressure to react, recover, climb, sprint, endure and yet there is a tangible yet inexplicable quality that separates the good from the great - this is not a physical trait. It is the aura of a champion, it is total self-belief.
The sessions I spent with you and the success script you gave me to listen to had a profound effect on my preparation. Being able to access my subconscious mind taught me so much about myself and visualize and access reservoirs of strength that I never knew how to access easily before. The attitude of self-belief extended further than the just script, I was able to visualize not only riding the course but also looked to the time I wanted to do it in, and then achieved it easily.
One of the most valuable lessons learnt is the ability to maintain focus and eliminate distractions. This was so important during training and also during the race. It was almost difficult to recall the minute details of the race as my mind was so concentrated on the road and the race itself. I am not sure if you have heard of ‘being in the zone’? This is usually a term used by long-distance runners to describe the feeling of being in your body but ever so slightly removed, an almost trance-like state. You move without thinking about each movement and pedaling becomes automatic as if your body is part human, part machine. Your motion is smooth and effortless, your thoughts are minimal and limited to your next move – you just ‘do’. This is a perfect state to be in and I felt I was able to reach this state much earlier both when training and I was better able to maintain this state, than before I did the sessions with you.
As I believe the script you wrote me is so valuable, I continue to listen to it just to keep improving and use the techniques that obviously affected my performance in a positive manner. The affirmation has helped overcome the many ‘what if’s’, challenge negative ideas that stem from self-doubt and rebound from the small challenges that present themselves from time to time without giving them more attention than they deserve.
Zimmy, all I can say is thank-you, which really does not express how this made me feel, on a sporting level and many other aspects of my life that I have applied these principles to as well. I wish for many more people to have the opportunity to work with you and experience not only how to empower themselves by accessing their subconscious mind, but to be able to spend time in your presence and see the passion for what you do first-hand and be part of a life-changing process.
Warmest regards,

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Comment by Umme Salma K on September 10, 2009 at 4:01pm
Thanks for sharing your case history....This shows the efectiveness of therapy.

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